Guys, if you’re not following my Instagram or Facebook then you’re missing out on me being a superhero like, all the time! It’s ok though. I’m covering all of my bases and posting them here in this sad and lonely neglected blog that I have.

This costume was debuted in San Diego Comic-Con 2014. This is one of the older versions of Psylocke. I cosplayed with the Stylish Geek who was also another old version of Psylocke. If you guys like both nerdy things and fashion, you would definitely enjoy her blog. Just fyi. ^_^


Dat brickwall tho.


Jedi mind tricks on your ass.


Purple and pink is a good color combo, no? :D

This use to be a funny-sounding word until the entire internet started using it for every innocuous and mundane activity. I see it just about everywhere in Facebook statuses, picture captions and Instagram bios. It’s a bummer when a special word gets used so loosely that it has become exceptionally annoying to read and hear.

No. You did not get into shenanigans last night when alls you did was hung out with your friends and laugh hysterically about sharing your favorite episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

No. I won’t follow your Instagram profile because it’s apparently “full of shenanigans” when it only consist of selfies, food, and the occasional airplane window.

Just stahp. Y’all are making me sad.

Hey folks, long time no blog (as usual :-/). So like, I attended WonderCon last weekend, went as Jubilee from X-Men last weekend.


Pew Pew.


‘Cause baby you’re a firework.


I wanted to make something new for San Diego Comic-Con this year as well but I think I should save money and and save it for whatever I’m going to make for BlizzCon. There’s a very high chance I’m going to do something from Heroes of the Storm which isn’t even in beta yet, but I love this game so much (I have the alpha version) that I’ll probably discuss more about it in the near future entires.

For whatever reason, I think I’m starting to get back into blogging. Sometimes, the blogging switch in my brain decides to turn on and then turns off for a couple of months. I have no control over it. *shrugs*