I’d like to give my gratitude to the interracial couples out there of Asian and White descent for breeding very aesthetically pleasing human beings of this planet.

So here, I present to you my topnotch list of outrageously good looking Eurasian/Hapa men:

5. Dennis Oh (actor/model)

This guy has enough hotness to liquefy a 50-ton block of ice and a football field of Frostys the snowman. His smile is remarkably innocent yet peculiarly hypnotic that getting rejection from women is probably unheard of to Dennis. Also, his immaculate features and good bone structures render him immune to failure and ugly chicks.

4. Troy (model)

If Elvis Presley were to morph into a scrawny Asian guy, he would probably look like Troy. Troy has a very mysterious, odd and edgy appearance that I once thought was originated from another dimension, a majestic fantasyland most likely known as Eurashotnessia. From looking at his photos, I get this huge vibe that he performs really weird and abnormal and kinky shit in bed…I mean after all he is from another world. 😉

3. Justin Nozuka (musician)

RichL and I are total fans of Justin. Only difference is that she’s of fan of his music, and I’m a fan of his hotness. He has one of the best convincing puppy dog eyes and he seems to radiate a sense of heart, refined innocence, and slight geekiness, which are some of the traits that I find to be oddly charming in the opposite sex.

2. Daniel Henney (actor/model)

I once watched a documentary about his mother visiting him in Korea, and despite the palpable hotness he emitted through my computer screen, it turns out that he actually has a personality and is a genuine momma’s boy. The poor baby was literally crying a flood when his mom had to leave to the airport. And to top it all off, he has a role in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Whoa!

1. Daniel Cloud Campos (dancer)

He is a talented b-boy/dancer (hence being a former backup dancer for Madonna) and could possibly kick your ass with a single windmill whip of high-energetic-metabolic-double-standard-roundhouse-kick to the throat. He has a keen eye for art and possesses his own unique style—most of which are manic, anorexic looking cartoon characters that are probably related to the aliens from the movie Space Jam. There’s fast-paced movement and life that is projected throughout his work, and that’s what makes it so appealing. Overall, Cloud is much more than an emblem of hotness, and that’s why he gets the number one spot on my legit list.


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  1. Leanne says:

    mmmmmmmm… *drool*

    half asians and half whites tend to be either ugly or really really hot!

    damn you tiff now i’m going to be dreaming about these guys tonight~!


  2. richL says:


    HOT BOYS!!!


  3. renn says:

    wow.. half breeds.. so sexy.. man.. starting off my day with these pictures… damn.. thanks tiff. lol


  4. Katy says:

    Halfers are hot but I like purebreds more. HEHE.


  5. prach says:

    yeah, i’m with katy on the purebreds! lol! however, those guys are really hot! thanks for the eye candy! 😀


  6. Rebecca says:

    literally drooling. i think daniel henney should be number onee!! NUMBA ONE! *protests by holding picket sign*


  7. Darlene says:

    Daniel henney should be numbers 1-5! He is yumalicious!


  8. Morag says:

    I’ve just looked up Justin Nozuka on myspace and I’m a fan of his music and his hotness. Also, Dennis Oh = wow!


  9. mj says:

    Where in the world do you girls get these guys from?! I mean how do you even hear/see about them? Geez.

    Man, the down side of being married. Well not really, I would have to say I’m pretty gaga over my husband. It’s pretty hard to explain, I guess I’ll just have to scan a couple of his photos one of these days.

    But myyyy you have niiice taste! To say the least..


  10. Helga says:

    I agree with Justin Nozuka, checking him out now.


  11. Ada says:

    MMMMMMMMM Daniel Henney. I like, I like.

    Good post. 😉


  12. J says:

    Lover and I are gonna make some interracial babies…


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  14. mars says:

    OMG. DANIEL HENNEY is the ultimate hapa hotness. 😀


  15. sandra says:

    daniel cloud campos is a boy very hadsome he is ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh very sexy


  16. Syana says:

    Daniel Henney looks like Captain Li Shan from Mulan, he’s so hot!! and number 5 is very apetizing too 😉


  17. audss says:

    what’s troys last name????


  18. girl says:

    DANIEL HENNNEYY!! (: <3 love him!
    he’s so hot in seducing mr. perfect.
    i can’t wait to see more of him in america. (: YEE!!!


  19. jeff says:

    I thinks i should belong in this category heh heh joke!


  20. jeff says:

    check me at mossimoboy.multiply.com


  21. chris says:

    Cool blog with all the hapa’s and stuff… i sorta look like Daniel, but he’s not jap like me… but my family does make mochi ice cream! have a good one.


  22. Alina says:

    daniel is soooo cooool!!! :) by the way can u please send me a lookbook.nu invitation?


  23. amari says:

    this guy is so hot!! go check out him in shakira’s vid, did it agian! wow, to sexy :)


  24. mayleeasia says:

    I know Daniel Henney personally and I can confidently say he is the BEST looking man I have ever met and one of the sweetest!


  25. Tessa says:

    Daniel Henney is the hottest. I am half asian and me and my siblings get compliments all the time. Its funny how all my mum friends want to marry off their daughters to my brother, lol


  26. ivanna says:

    daniel cloud es el mas hermoso y en el video con shakira esta
    hermoso me encanta besooo lo elijo a el (*)(L)


  27. Tania says:

    Did you know that Daniel is the guy with Shakira in the song “Did it again”?

    Got so fascinated with him (from the clip) that had to go further and discover who he is…


  28. momo says:

    Daniel is not the guy is shakira’s vid did it again, that’s cloud…(btw he is verrrryy hot)


  29. mim says:

    Daniel IS Cloud.
    Daniel “Cloud” Campos.
    Cloud is his b-boy name :)


  30. ria says:



  31. Heather says:

    Omgosh! Daniel 8)


  32. Dark says:

    OMFG!!! Daniel Cloud is fuckin yummmmmmyyy! i saw him from the Did it again clip first and then i go search for his name and i saw ur blog here!
    damn he’s so hot!!!!


  33. risa says:

    may i use some of the content for my blog entry ? I will credit and link your page as well ^^
    thank you ^^
    ps. danniel henney is a god hahah XD


    Tiff Reply:



  34. -x nancri x- says:

    Dennis Oh is the hottest…..*drool…* <333 Daniel Henney is pretty hot too…No, Dennis Oh is the best…*sigh*


  35. Jess says:

    wowww these guys are hotttt. i normally dont find asian guys in the least to be good looking but DAMN. haha and im like 4 years late to this post, but great post, thanks!


  36. B says:

    Don’t forget Marcel Nguyen, the German hapa who won bronze in the men’s all around gymnastics olympics this past summer!


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  38. This Girl says:

    There was a time in my life where I adored men with hot bods and chinky eyes. This entry has reminded me of this fact. Hrhrhrhr. That Dennis Oh person looks real good.


  39. JJ says:

    They look hispanic to be honest! Except for that thrird he just looks weird. Just saying


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