Since I’m no longer an annoying tweenager, I just don’t understand the appeal of Justin Bieber. To me, he’s like an extremely beautiful 8th grade girl with radiant blonde hair–BUT THEN I thought about the boys who I use to fall practically in love with as a kid, were they any better than Justin Bieber? Probably not. So, really, it’s not fair to make fun of Justin Bieber and his ridiculous fan base, when I’m sure my tastes in boys as a kid was questionable.

6. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Is anyone even surprised that I have him on here? This kid was the Bieber of the 90’s, and probably broke a million of hearts across America with his pimp hand.

5. (the late) Jonathan Brandis
You probably don’t know who the heck he is unless you watched “It” (yes, with the scary clown who turned into a big dumb crab in the end) a zillion times like I did. Not sure why I had a huge crush on him. I guess my 12-year-old self thought that any white boy with blonde hair was good in my book.

4. Zach Morris
I’ve always thought he was an all American good-looking preppy son-of-a-bitch. Turns out, he’s Dutch and Indonesian in real life. Zach Morris is truly the whitest Asian of Bayside High School.

3. Andrew Keegan
From “Full House” to “Ten Things I Hate About You”, I’ve always thought, can anyone be more beautiful than this guy? I really don’t know what ethnic background he comes from, but TV and magazine (ie: BOP, Tiger Beat, J-14, etc) has gotten me pretty me convinced that he was some Indian (the feather kind) kid who was meant to model for the rest of his life.

2. Tommy the Green/White Ranger
I was never into guys with long feminine hair, but good ol’ Tommy made it look manly by the power of his manly karate chops and roundhouse kicks.

1. Devon Sawa
Ha, what an adorable kid he was. Watching “Casper” really did it for me, as I’m sure most other females my age would agree. Anyway, I better stop here before someone mistakens me for a pedophile.


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  1. Justine says:

    Probably the most on point post EVER. I was ready to shout, “WHERE IS DEVON SAWA!!!” But you left him at number 1. Hallelujah! I was seriously in love with Andrew Keegan though (thanks to Party of Five) I thought I was going to marry him.


  2. Gabi says:

    …I never thought about it, but I really didn’t have many “Justin Bieber” crushes when I was younger. I liked Lance Bass, I remember. I was *NSYNC’s biggest fan (I may still hold that title), and I thought he was the cutest of them all. Then he turned out to be gay. Same thing with Ricky Martin. I guess it’s probably because I was a total cartoon freak and hated shows with real people in them. *NSYNC was really the only boy band I liked, too.

    Then again, I’m still a teenager, so maybe people I find attractive now will be my Justin Biebers? I mean, I don’t even know who any of these people you posted are. I didn’t think five-ish years made that much of a difference. O.o


    Tiff Reply:

    Oh man, you liked Lance Bass, seriously? That guy was the worst-looking (next to Chris Kirkpatrick) of the band to me, because I thought he looked “too gay” and of course, he actually is gay.

    Wow, are you sure you don’t know anyone on this list? That’s a shocker. Not even Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell? NOT EVEN DEVEN SAWA FROM CASPER TEH FRIENDLY GHOST?! Sorry, I’ll calm down now.

    I guess five years does make a bit of a difference.


  3. Felisa says:

    OH MY GOD. This is exactly what my friends and I were doing just recently — looking up the Biebers of our time.
    My best friend had the biggest crush on JTT. And I remember blushing when Casper turned into a very, very cute boy. That was the first time I ever thought a boy was freaking beautiful.


  4. JC says:

    Cracking up at the pubescent memories this is drudging up! I thought all the aforementioned were babes –except for Andrew Keegan. I was convinced he was a jerk. I had the most unhealthy obsession with Devon Sawa. Casper made me dislike Christina Ricci to this day.

    Did you know Jonathan Brandis committed suicide? I just learned that after wikipediaing what he was up to these days. Apparently not a whole lot….


    Tiff Reply:

    Holy crap, was I living under a rock or something? I never knew that he died, let alone killed himself. Whoa. This is news to me. Ahem, excuse me, while I take all of this in.

    I just looked him up on wiki and I guess it says he might’ve committed suicide because he was depressed about his acting career that was going no where. That’s so sad. =(


  5. Kristine says:

    Awww! I remember having the biggest crush on the two Jonathans. And it’s embarrassing to admit these guys were the Biebers of our time. 😛


  6. Jen says:

    JTT! LOL, he was on ALL the Teen Beat mags in my time.

    Mark is still looking good in his maturer days.

    Did you not think Ryder Strong from Boy Meets World was a total babe back then? No? Just me? :)


  7. Cindii says:

    OMG JTT~ I remember everyone was crazy over him. Damn.

    I don’t really know the other guys except #3 but I didn’t really like him as I thought he was a jerk in the movies he played. Haha, type-casted.


  8. I so remember Devon Sawa. All the girls and gays during high school went gaga over him. Tommy is also cute, but I had a huge crush on Jason, the Red Ranger lol!


    Justine Reply:

    I had a crush on Jason Lee Scott too! HAHAHA. But goodness gracious, he looks like this now and even did gay porn, definitely your type then! Hehe


    Charles Ravndal Reply:

    I know about the gay porn because it was posted in some online new, but OMG! He got fat! Hahahhahahaha


  9. Tamara says:

    I was totally in agreement with this list until you listed your No. 1! I think it should be backwards…Jonathan Taylor Thomas was dreamy !!! (Hey, I didnt see color as a kid and still don’t.:P)


  10. M says:

    yup, number 5 and 6!!!!!
    i loved jonothan taylor thomas!

    i loved him especially since he was in the lion king, the voice of simba! <3


  11. KingChloe says:

    …and i used to be in love with ever single one of them. Lol cute blog :)


  12. Helga says:

    I am going to make my own ~Bieber~ list one of these days. Grown up Devon Sawa makes me so sad :(


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