It just recently hit me that my body is in fact, weird, especially in the tickling department. My ticklish sensors are both annoyingly sensitive and higly off at the same time. What I’m about to describe to you is in no shape or form of exaggeration. This is my body, being weird.

One of my tickle hotspots lies on the right side of my waist (don’t even dare), and it becomes the most active when I’m thinking about…said waist. That’s right. Since I am typing this, it also means that I’m automatically thinking about it. So I’m being slightly tickled at the waist at this very moment. My own body can tickle myself. How brutally screwed up is that?

There must be something psychological about it, you know? I’ve probably been tickled at the waist by annoying relatives, asshole brothers and that one creepy kid who had a crush on me in kindergarten all of my life, so now every time I even focus on my right waist, my body cringes and prepares for the tickle-fest (when they’re really isn’t one).

Here’s the second part. When my boyfriend and I nap together (we like naps), he sometimes spoons me (we like spooning). Every time I feel his breathing down on the back of my neck, it tickles the right side of my ass cheek. I’m not kidding and it happens Every. Damn. Time. You would think his manly breath would tickle the back of my neck because that’s where it’s coming in contact with, but no, my body is all sorts of screwed up, wires are probably crossed, thus one side of my ass cheek ends up getting the tickle-rape.

I can never be spooned again.


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  1. Kristine says:

    I’ve got a similar spot in the body that causes me to “self-destruct” apparently. Whenever someone pokes me in that region I try to stifle laughter but at the same time I literally spaz out. It’s kinda funny. I’ve got loads of “self-destruct” buttons such as the armpit region on both sides, the lower waist area, and my lower back.

    I hate the fact that I’m ticklish because someone can merely threaten to tickle me and I already start to feel the sensation. It is the weirdest thing, but that’s how the mind works. It’s more powerful than we think. Strange, isn’t it?!

    Also, you’re not even short! How can your bf’s breath reach your ass check from your neck?! LOL!


  2. Jen says:

    Aww, no life should be without spooning. :(

    My body is weird too…I used to ‘prepare for a tickle-fest’ when I was at the salon, with my head in that odd sink and they turn the water on, I feel this feeling on my back like someone is going up and down my spine with a feather. Now I hate going to the salon. Most people relax and close their eyes in that chair, for me, I’m sitting there clenching every muscle in my body, eyes wide open, and ears perked so I can hear when they’re about to turn the water on so that I can….clench even more. HAHA.

    The other thing is, I can start laughing as if I’m being tickled before even being touched. Someones hand can be 2 inches away from my tickle-zone and I’ll start kicking and giggling like a little girl.


  3. DEI says:

    I remember reading an article a while ago that said your brain is the main reason why we are ticklish. Or something of that manner. Like, our brain will focus on the spot and force us to laugh.

    I too am ticklish… unfortunately all over. =___=

    Maybe your brain and body’s wiring have been fighting.. LOL


  4. sarah says:

    LOL you and my BF are almost the same! He tickles very easily, and i sometimes tease him by saying “imma tickle your (insert body part here) and even if i’m nowhere near him, he just goes crazy!


  5. Ela says:

    When I get into my laughing fits, I get tickled by my own hair brushing my neck or my dangling earrings hitting the side of my face. Weird bodies.


  6. Stefhamae says:


    What does your boyfriend say about it?


    Tiff Reply:

    He just thinks I’m really weird. Lol.


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