Hello all! I haven’t updated in two weeks, which is not very like me, but the only real reason is there’s nothing for me to post. My life has been busy…but not exciting-busy, more like boring-busy I suppose, or at least not worth documenting at the moment. I’m still trying to recover from blowing all of my money on Christmas presents, so I’m not trying not to shop as much and go out as much.

I’m also working on my cosplay, but I prefer not posting anything here until everything is finished.

The only “exciting” thing that has happened to me thus far is that I added sparkly glitter on my nails.

I also recently stole one of my boyfriend’s Christmas presents. Two pairs of ridiculously colorful patterned socks. I think they really neat! And they look more fitting on me than him, so I snagged it without any ounce of guilt in me (sorry Jules).

Lastly, I’ve been playing WoW. The guild and I have finally downed Deathwing last week. I play this sexy undead warrior, who is, indeed, rocking a pair of assless chaps.


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  1. DEI says:

    Can I haz your creepers? Pwetty please. *puppy dog eyes* Not like it’d fit my huge monster feet anyways.. *whistles*

    I recently bought some red glitter nail polish from F21 that was on sale for a $1 (even though it was originally $1, whoop-dee-doo.)

    I love those pants! I think I need to incoporate more color into my wardrobe… I haven’t done so since I was in junior high/high school. Humm.

    lolol Assless chaps.


  2. Becca says:

    Rainbow shiny nails to match rainbow-coloured socks!

    And what are assless chaps.. Do I want to know the answer? Hehe


  3. Jen says:

    I’m feeling you on the “boring-busy” stuff. Same here. I could blog about economics and how my me learning to “play” the stock market, but I don’t think it would be very interesting.
    Cute nails…haha when all else fails, post a nail pic. I better not tease, I think I might actually do that. =P


  4. Ela says:

    Dayuuuum gurl, those shoes are cool!


  5. Mija says:

    I LOOOOVE your nails – so cute!


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