Phew! We are finally back from our trip to France and of course it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t post about the trip without any pictures to share! I have lots of pictures, and I’ll only post a few of my favorite ones (for the rest of the photos you can go to my Flickr).

Palace of Versailles

Before I start, I should probably mention that I bought an expensive camera at the very last minute (two days before I left). I was so tempted to buy a better camera for this trip because I knew France had lots of beautiful places and monuments, that taking photos there with my standard point-and-shoot wasn’t going to suffice. My impulsiveness and hunger to take quality photos had lead me to give in and purchase the Olympus Pen E-PL2. I first heard about this delightful little camera from Becca’s and Jenny’s blog, though at the time, I was never planning to purchase it, just to oogle over it really.

After reading the reviews (like one or two quick glances–I was impulsive and running out of time!), I knew this camera would fit my preferences; I still wanted a point-and-shoot camera, but a more glorified version of it. It doesn’t hurt that the camera looks insanely cute as well. I also purchased a cute rainbow stripped camera strap for extra cuteness.


Since there are going to be a lot of pictures I’m about to post, I tried my best to organize them so it won’t look like I’m jumping all over the place.

Table of Contents
I. Hovering in France
II. Food & Drinks
III. The Wedding
IV. Conlusion

I. Hovering in France

When my boyfriend and I first went out to do our tourist-y things, the first thing we went to was the Palace of Versailles. He took a picture of me standing in front of their golden gates. The problem was, I was standing. It was such an awkward feeling, I was completely clueless on how I wanted to pose. I didn’t know where to place my hands or how my body should look so I decided to hover for most of the pictures.

When in doubt, just hover. Pictures like that turn out to be way cooler anyway.


Louvre Museum

II. Food & Drinks!

Their milk tastes absolutely incredible and almost everything else. It’s far more delicious than the milk we drink in the states. Our milk feels and taste more watered-down and bland. I can also say the same for their most of their meat, chocolates, wine, bread and cheese. I’m also very, very, very impressed with the pho we had in Paris. The flavors were much more intense and flavorful. Their eggrolls were light and crispy and their Vietnamese iced coffee was extremely delicious and strong. I’m definitely going to miss the food here.

Roasted chicken straight out from the farm. It lived a good life.


Delicious Northen African sandwich

III. The Wedding

We attended one of my boyfriend’s friend’s wedding, which was in Normandy. Normandy is definitely the opposite of Paris. It’s REALLY rural. I don’t think the residents there even know what the internet is. I’ve never been to a countryside before so it was certainly a pleasant change of scenery. The wedding was beautiful and extravagant compared to all the other weddings I’ve ever attended. For me, it was seriously like going to Disneyland for the first time when you’re a kid.

Dig this: For the reception, the servers passed out all sorts of delicious appetizers. There were raw oysters, foie gras, raw salmon, pastries and a bunch of other fancy little things I had no idea I was eating, but it was soooo good that I wanted to cry out of pure happiness. The next day, there was a “wedding” lunch, where they had all-you-can-eat crepes. I ate a whopping total 4 crepes. Yes, it was that good.

We stayed at a manor! I didn’t know what a manor was until now.

The wedding car

IV. Conclusion

Overall, this has been such a wonderful trip and I am most grateful to have a boyfriend who practically translated everything for me and gave me a comprehensive tour of Paris and everything around it. He’s such a good sport. The only thing I regret is not charging my camera battery in time only because there was a point where it died and it resulted in me missing out on taking potentially sexy photos of models wearing vintage burlesque dresses and lingerie when we attended a photo art exhibit party (doh!).

Park of Versailles

Again, check out my Flickr gallery if you’re interested in seeing the rest of ’em!


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  1. JC says:

    For some reason I though we wouldn’t hear from you for a month at least. 😀 Why do vacations go so fast??

    I think it’s HILARIOUS nearly all the photos you posted here are of you jumping.

    If I went to France, I would be smuggling back a suitcase full of macarons. Yum!

    I wonder why everything tastes so much stronger there. I bet it has something to do with the FDA regulating the shit out of everything in the US.

    Off to stalk your Flickr now! 😀


  2. Kristine says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! I also think its cute to see you hovering around in France. hahaha!

    And the food?! I can’t believe you would torture me with the delicious goodness.

    I think the reason behind the blandness of food we have here in America versus France or possibly Europe is because of the way meat is handled here versus over there. And everything here is over processed and nasty.



  3. Becca says:

    Gorrrrgeous pictures!! I wish I had thought of levitating vacation pictures!! Hehehe

    I didn’t end up getting the olympus but my friend did, she said her top dial FELL OFF .. So remember not to turn too vigorously 😛

    How! Are! Your! Photos! All! Tourist-free!?!?!?

    Did you Photoshop all of them out!? It was insanely busy both times I went, there were always touristy strangers EVERYWHERE ; n ;

    AND TEH MILK. TEH MILK. *drools*


    Tiff Reply:

    Thanks Becca!

    Haha, I don’t know how my most of my pictured ended up being “tourist-free”, I think it’s because we went early, maybe the place barely opened when we arrived, so we were very lucky. :)

    The milk is AMAZING. I think about it everyday and it hurts me to know that I can’t drink it unless I fly to France. :(


  4. sarah says:

    Your hovering pics are waayy too hilarious! And the food! The food! *dies of envy*


  5. Kim says:

    Your pictures look amazing!!!! I loooove food, so the food pictures do not disappoint as well 😀 Glad you had an amazing time, and glad to have you back! :)


  6. M says:

    looks like you had a great time!
    im super jealous! can’t wait to visit france for myself
    i heard their super cheap wine out ranks our some what fancy wine


  7. Cat says:

    Welcome back! The places you visited look beautiful. It makes me want to visit now too :) I like that you used hover poses, haha. It makes the typical tourist photos a lot more interesting.

    And all of your food photos look so tasty! Makes me hungry! And wow, it looks like the wedding had some expensive hors d’oeuvre.

    I’m glad you had a great trip!


  8. Felisa says:

    Motherfff. I’m too jealous to type up a response. Maybe I’ll come back later…


  9. Felisa says:

    Can I just say I love your fashion sense? Browsing through your France pics (which are now making me look forward to graduating so I can travel!) turned into me admiring your fashion choices. It’s also interesting to see how much it’s changed over the years from what I remembering you posting on your blog in the past.
    Also I think your Easter good-Christian girl dress worked really well. And all that food is making my mouth water. I want crepes now!


    Tiff Reply:

    Awwwww thank you Felisa!

    Coming from you, I am most flattered. Yeah, my style tend to change a lot…naturally I hope. I’m either evolving or having an identity crisis! 😛

    Thanks again!

    PS – I miss your blog terribly. Do you ever plan to come back to the blogosphere?


  10. Kathy says:

    Oh, how I love to get to France. I knew a trip there would take me hundreds of pictures stocked in my camera.
    The food is really mouth-watering. Scrumptious.


  11. Katy says:

    This is sooo gorgeous. Versailles is the #1 place in the world to visit. I loveeeee French history. Sigh.


  12. nyuu says:

    haha olympus pen! At least you waited. I bought the camera after a couple of weeks when it just came out! =___=”” But I had an amazing discount, sooo… it makes up for it…. no?

    France looks amazing! You’re so cute floating around in the images haha 😀


  13. Nancy says:

    Welcome back from your fabulous trip to France! France is such a beautiful place! At least you still found a way to get that awesomely expensive camera you wanted :P. The camera strap is adorable :3.

    I love the poses you made in all of these places! It gives a bonus effect to just standing there looking plain. It’s surprising to see pho in France! But then again, I know of some Vietnamese people living in France. Everything just looks delicious there! Or is it just your camera giving the bonus effect?

    The wedding itself looks spectacular! Everything is well set up, especially the finger foods! It makes my Chick-Fil-A sandwich look… Plain.

    You and your boyfriend are just adorable together :D!


  14. Jen says:

    Welcome home (kinda late), although for most, they’d rather still be in France on vacation.

    The pictures are great, and so is the hovering. LOL.

    I’ve been to France once and luckily it was with a big group and a tour guide so a translator wasn’t completely necessary (just follow the herd).


  15. Jayrin says:

    Dear Tiff,

    I think you’re awesome. Visiting France is one of my long time fantasies. I gotta tell you, the pictures are hurting me a bit.


  16. cin says:

    The hovering pictures are just so awesome! I wish I came up with that idea XD
    All the food looks sooo good! OMNOMNOMNOMNOM


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