I needed to buy a dress for an upcoming wedding and decided to shop at the nearest mall. I’m generally not a very picky person so I thought this was going to be a smooth and easy ride for me, but it ended up being way more annoying and troublesome than I had anticipated.

Considering that the wedding is going to take place in a more rural area of France, the idea I had for my dress was something innocent and appropriate for Spring. I didn’t want any dark colors such as black or brown, I just wanted to look like a good Christian girl who stepped out of church on Easter morning.

I visited a lot of the major fashion chain stores and most turned out to ba complete failure in finding the perfect dress because there wasn’t enough variety. Here’s what I learned about the type of dresses that they generally carried:

  • Forever 21: Neon colors, everywhere. Everything is too goddamn bright and see-through. They really dig patterns of hearts, polka-dots and horses. They also like a lot of big ruffles around the collars. No thanks.
  • H&M: Loose, long and flowy–or short and corporate. The colors are sad and dull. A 75-year-old grandmother can totally wear a typical H&M dress and rock dat old lady dress at a family reunion.
  • Wet Seal: Everything is sluttified and the quality of their fabric is poor. Too much of floral tackiness. Dresses are skin tight and short. Perfect for a 90′s prostitute, but not for a wedding guest.
  • Macy’s: Made to perfection, but unfortunately, it shows on their price tag.
  • JC Pennys: Lots of fun patterns and color combinations, but the structure of the dresses are built for a very tall, middle-aged white woman. I swear. I walked into their fitting room to try on a dress and I immediately felt out of place after realizing I was in room full of Orange County housewives.

Can you guess which store each dress belongs to?

Sears (THE WINNER): The first thing I saw when I walked in was the juniors section, and oddly enough, it had what I was looking for. And the variety! There were average ones, cute ones, even slutty ones and most importantly, the ones I was looking for–well–regardless of the fact that it was actually made for high school girls. The dress that I picked out screams SPRING. EASTER. SUNDAY. HAPPINESS. and ALL THINGS SNUGGLY.

I’m ready to go run in the fields like the Little House on the Prairie style!


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  1. Becca says:

    Oooh that is a cute dress! I usually never think of Sears, the store is poorly lit and I feel so tired whenever I walk in .. probably because they have beds in the shop too – u -

    model model model! we want Tiff to model the dress!


  2. Jenny says:

    I definitely would avoid Forever 21 or Wet Seal if you want nice dresses…like you said, the quality is poor and the styles would only last a season. I prefer more classic styles that I can wear repeatedly, and I’ve generally had great luck with Macy’s. Did you look in their clearance section? Sometimes you can find really great pieces there!
    Glad you were able to find the perfect dress (which is super cute btw), though Sears was definitely not the place I expected you to find it!


  3. Ela says:

    Cute dress! I’d love to wear dresses but I’m too self-conscious about my arm fat haha. You’d look gorgeous in that, I just know you would ;)


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