Boy am I pooped. Ever since I started working six days a week, I naturally stopped updating this blog and Twitter for two weeks–and two weeks to me is like six months in real life. Every time I get off of work, I go home and just surf the internet for funny pictures until it’s time to go bed. That’s it. My brain was just so incredibly worn out that it didn’t have enough power to do anything else but oogle over adorable pictures and videos of cats being adorable.

I think the reason why I’ve been so mentally drained is I didn’t expect to be given so much responsibility from the company I’m interning for. It’s challenging, exciting and quite intimidating at the same time. It happened all too fast. I assumed, like most internships I’ve heard about, I was going to perform typically mundane tasks, such as licking envelopes and getting people coffee for a couple of weeks until I earn their trust, but no! Barely after the first week, I was already given actual projects to research and to do, with deadlines–I’m not being taught anything, I’m teaching myself as I go and simply crossing my fingers that everything will work out. It’s an exciting kind of stress. :)

Anyways, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, cats. This one’s in a shopping bag.

(Cat Credit)
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  1. Liza says:

    The cats are cute. :3

    Sorry about how your internship & job is currently kinda really crappy. :( I get the mental poopedness. I had that when I was working at Walmart. :( Ugh.


  2. sarah says:

    Interns here at the office do actual work as well, like we make them part of our projects whether in-house or client-based. We don’t ask them to grab our lunch, make our coffee or yeah, lick envelopes. I guess that’s the advantage if you intern for an IT company, we take interns to help unload some of our more mundane tasks like researching and stuff.

    Be careful not get burnt out though!


  3. Jenny says:

    Yikes, I guess there are pros and cons to having such an intense internship. The good thing is that you’re learning a lot and actually gaining experience, and the bad side is…well, you’re exhausted! It sucks too that you have another job and that seems to be really busy as well :/ Good luck with everything, hang it there!


  4. Dom says:

    For me working 2 jobs is beneficial, frustrating and stupid at the same time, especially when the only hours you have to yourself are from 10pm-5am, so how else would you unwind when you can’t sleep, right? Sometimes I play computer games or watch funny youtube vids, or read blogs like this one!

    Here’s to hoping things work out for you Tiff! Just remember that it’s hard enough to find one job these days, so I guess we’re pretty lucky to have more than one. ^ ^


  5. Jen says:

    Those cat photos are cute!! :) (I like the one with the cat in a shopping bag) :P Anyway, your job(s) sounds tiring (and stressful too!) I remember the days when I was an intern, my boss lets me do mundane jobs. Like photocopying some sorts of documents, or typing some records, or actually writing some (long) records, etc. :) Your internship experience sounds cool (and not boring, like mine) :)

    Oh, you might want to join my giveaway! Details here:


  6. Cat says:

    I love Maru! He’s such a cute and funny cat :)

    2 jobs and 6 days a week sounds really tiring. I think I’d rather be at a company that moves fast than slow though. The company I’m at was a young start-up when I started, and I was surprised at how much I was responsible for right away. You get a lot of experience from it though!

    Good luck with both jobs! Get some rest too!


  7. Kay says:

    I know how you feel when you say you have big responsibility. You should be happy they are starting you off this way. The experience is what you’re looking for. Every job I ever been to I had to learn along the way. It’s scary but it’ll come easy to you at some point.


  8. Becca says:

    yes! another cat blog to lurk.

    I too, only have enough mental space left for cats, after work :)

    Congrats on the internship by the way! Sounds like it’s very fitting for you.


    Tiff Reply:

    If you’re going to lurk the cat’s blog, I highly recommend you to stalk his Youtube channel instead! It’s worth it. So much awesomeness from this cat.


  9. Sarai says:

    I love my some cats man.
    I know how frustrating it is to train and be trained, so I wish you luck with that.
    And also I hope this internship pans out and they notice all of your hard work. :)


  10. Sunny says:

    Hi! Just wanted to drop by and say that I’ve been reading your blogs for some time now (though I haven’t commented before,) and I love them! <3 I enjoy your sense of humor~

    Anyway, those cats are soo adorable! I really like the first picture =^-^= it looks like it wants to eat the bird! :P I'm sorry to hear that your internship has got you so mentally stressed! :( It's good that the internship is exciting and that you're trying new things, though! :) Good luck on training the person and on your internship!


    Tiff Reply:

    Awww thank you Sunny. Your comment has officially made my day! :D

    Thanks you again!


  11. Kate says:

    You can never have enough pictures of cats! ^^ /crazycatlady

    I hope your current placement doesn’t wear you out too much! :( Though you seem to have the right attitude about it. :) Just don’t forget to take some time out because you’ve been working so hard!

    I absolutely love your layout, by the way. ^^


  12. nyuu says:

    All I could concentrate on was the kitty pictures xD So distracting!

    At least you’re working and accomplishing stuff! :D I hope you get a rest soon though; it sounds like you really need one, too. I’ve never formally trained anyone before, but it does sound very complicated! I think I only “trained” newbies one time, but it was for really simple things and I told them “when you’re done just hang out for a bit” LOL


  13. Anndrea says:

    Wow – six days a week? At my business, we take in university students during the summer and give them loads of work right away since we only have use of them for four weeks til school stars LOL!

    Good luck!

    And the cats are adorbz.


  14. UMI says:

    Good luck with your internship! It is hard to actually juggle things, and it is definitely draining. I hope you’d still find time to relax. :3


  15. Shiri says:

    Yuuup, that’s the way it goes. Work does take a lot of time (and energy). Somehow you should try to find energy to do other things after work. But of course if blogging feels like a “chore”, then it’s no fun :)


  16. Jenni says:

    You remind me so much of me with this post it’s scary! Your cat pictures are adorable. Cats always make everything better :)


  17. Anna says:

    Just when you think internship is easy, you get rained on with actual tasks. Lol. But it’s a good thing, right? You learn a lot ;)

    Training someone can be tough, especially if the job itself is tough. Hang in there! I’m sure you can juggle that and your internship and everything else in between (like your social life, love life, family life, etc.) so enjoy the busy moments! :D


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