I just wanted to show off a few of my spectacles in a, hopefully, “artistic” manner. Oh, and the gaudy blue and turquoise necklace behind it was a recent gift (or a bonus) from my boss. I really like it! Only problem is, it’s so flashy that it’s hard for me to wear it without looking like I’m screaming, “HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK AT MY NECKLACE. LOOK AT IT. FUCKING NOW.” But I really like it! I just need to find a simple black dress or something so that it won’t clash with the necklace.

These are my gundams and they’re fabulous. I’ve only built three of them but I have a few more models waiting to be assembled. I can’t stress enough that these are NOT toys. While I was out of town for the memorial weekend, my little niece sneaked into my bedroom and played with the pink gundam. She removed one of its leg and tossed it in the trash. When asking her what she did to the leg, the two-year-old replied, condescendingly, “It’s gone. You’re not going to have it back.”

God, I was so furious I almost cried because of a two-year-old. But like the reasonable auntie I was, I knew I had only myself to blame for letting such a delicate figurine to be easily reached by a toddler. Also, I later found the missing leg while going through the trash (the gundam gods are on my side!)

While we’re on the topic of gundams, I decided to illustrate one of my favorite one. I wanted to use it for my next blog layout sooo bad but I can’t think of a good WordPress theme style-majigger that would go well with the image. Creative juices, I need them.


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  1. Dom says:

    :0 those Gundam models are full of awesome!


  2. Keng says:

    Sorry to hear about people sucking, I hope things get better. :/

    But ZOMG, I’m kind of glad to hear that I am not alone in absolutely hating barfing. Being on the verge of doing it (or even just feeling like it’s an impending possibility) is enough to make me cry, tbh, I hate it so much. :(

    Also, your Gundams look awesomeeee :O My brothers have a whole bunch of models here at home (lmao, I just remembered when my older brother used to talk to me about perfect grade models etc etc I WAS SO CLUELESS but he’d talk to me anyways XD) but they’re not as cool as yours!


  3. Kate says:

    Negative ninnies suck. :( I’m sorry. You seem like a great person, so please try not to let them get you down. Keep your head held high and remain positive in all that you do. Stay fabulous! 😀

    I am exactly the same with my trinkets – ‘GET OUT. DO NOT TOUCH MY SHIT. TOUCH MY SHIT AND YOU DIE.’ Etc. Children are evil. They know exactly what they are doing! >:( Your Gundams are awesome sauce. ^^

    Yes yes yes, please use your Gundam illustration on your next layout! 😀 😀 It would be amazing.


  4. Jenny says:

    Being around negative people really sucks the joy out of you, sorry to hear that you’ve been stuck in such a situation :(
    On a brighter note, I love your vanity(?)! You have such ornate/vintagy looking pieces!

    My friend’s boyfriend has Gundam models, and I always considered those as a collectible rather than toys, but I suppose to a 2-year old anything is a toy :/ Good thing you were able to find the leg, yay!


  5. Anndrea says:

    You’re so good at illustration!! TEACH ME? PLEASE.

    I love how neat your stuff are. Like neat and organized. Mine …. for the sake of being tiny, I just shove them all in boxes. I seriously have way too many.

    Seriously, 2012 is the year to overaccesorize. Wear that necklace with anything!


  6. sarah says:

    Sorry to hear bout all the negativity going on, just try hard not get sucked into their own black hole of negativity. You’re Tiff, all sunshine and fun! Going back to the business that is your vanity table….I AM JEALOUS! Is it always that neat and tidy? Because for me, I end up wasting 15 minutes of my time every morning looking for a pair of earrings, lol. And i WANT that necklace.



  7. Cat says:

    Sorry to hear about all the negativity :( Being around negative people is so tiring and annoying. Don’t let them make you feel down!

    I like all the stuff in your first photo! They’re all pretty 😀 I also love the color of your Gundam models. It reminds me of all the ones I left at my parents’ house! But oh man, I’d be so upset and angry, too, if a little kid played with my stuff and broke it. I can’t believe she threw the leg in the trash D= That’s good that you found it at least.

    I hate it when I lack the creative juices to make a layout. I hope you figure something out. I like that drawing and think it would look awesome in a layout!


  8. Ela says:

    Your illustration is so cool! I can’t wait to see it as a theme for this blog.


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