We were invited to spend the weekend at Palm Desert with our friends and we had a brast! It was my first time visiting a “desert” city and after spending my weekend in an extremely hot town, I can now say that I became stronger and no longer feel intolerant of the “heat” that we get here in Orange County. The heat is beyond ridiculous in Palm Desert, guys. Imagine being in an incredibly stuffy room with no doors or windows to open–that is Palm Desert, 24/7.

Thank you Rory & Sonny for inviting us!

Our resort was beautiful. It had air conditioner. Each room has a patio and when you go outside, you’ll sometimes catch bunnies and/ roadrunners just hanging out in the grass. We had one big bedroom and next door was the kitchen, living room and an extra bedroom. The showers were amazing…with the only minor issue that I used one of their towels to wipe my face and eventually noticed a spider on it, possibly a brown recluse (but I’m not entirely sure, I didn’t have glasses on). Instead of freaking out (which I normally do), I was surprisingly laid back because hey, I’m not going to let shit stress me out while I’m on vacation. I smooshed it with a tissue  and continued to dry myself with the towel that the spider use to live in (hey, it’s the desert).

Dere’s my honeybunny sleeping like the delicate flower he is.

All the food we had over the weekend did not disappoint. Before we left for Palm Desert, we had Japanese. I had the spicy tuna bowl. I wasn’t going to post the picture here since it wasn’t at Palm Desert, but it was so delicious I’m going to be a rebel and just post it anyway!

We hiked up in the mountains. I had such a kickass workout out of it that I’m actually more motivated than ever to get off my ass and start getting more active. There were rocks I wanted to climb to get a couple of good scenic pictures but my boyfriend didn’t want me to fall and break my ankle or something, so I guess I wasn’t allowed to. :( But these pictures will do.

Besides hiking and getting fat. We napped a lot in the middle of the day (hey, it’s the desert) and hung out in the pool. What a life. Also, T-Rex:


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  1. Latrina says:

    Awesome! After my trip to Yosemite I discovered that I really enjoyed hiking. It’s one hell of a work out, don’t you agree? 😛

    I love your photos! Especially the one of you standing on the rock pointing upwards. And of course… you know… the food ones. 😀 OMG. Looks so good!

    But hey — you earned that yumminess by all that hiking! :)


  2. Angel says:

    Your vacation sounds like fun! And yeah, T-Rex! 😀


  3. Cat says:

    The weather there sounds like Texas right now, which makes it’s so hard to be outside during the day. I can’t wait for this summer heat to go away!

    Ooh, I like the bright colors in your resort room. It makes it look modern :) And yum, all of that food looks so good! The last picture especially makes me crave BBQ.

    I always want to go hiking on vacations, but people with me are usually too lazy to do it, haha. I think it’s enjoyable though. The views there are nice! Looks like a fun trip!


  4. M says:

    it looks amazing!
    it must be great to be in cali
    sun all the time
    and great hotel room


  5. Looks like you guys really had a blast! Lovely photos and the food…it’s soooo mouthwatering!!!


  6. Liv says:

    SEE. Now that’s a good reason for the air conditioner to exist!

    I used to dislike the “heat” we get here, then I went to Florida. Now I can’t stand the “heat” we get here because it’s too cold. Aha.

    I’m not sure how I’d survive in the desert when I can’t even stand the dryness of inland. However, I do want to visit Palm Desert now (somewhere I’ve never even heard of) based on those very gorgeous scenery. Maybe I should’ve gone to Yellowstone with my aunt and uncle but I’m concerned about how cold it is.


  7. Shannon says:

    Sounds like you had a good time! The food looks delicious. I don’t think I’ve actually ever been to a Japanese restaurant before.


  8. Hallo says:

    Nice Blog!!!

    Palm Desert sounds inviting for me now. Great weather, food and hotel.

    Regards from Belgium


  9. Kay says:

    You guys looked like ya’ll had fun. I would love to enjoy the outdoor nature.


  10. Carrie says:

    Your hotel room is awesome! Pretty nice!
    I’ve never been to the desert but it looks exciting. Going on vacation always sounds relaxing and exciting. I’m glad you had a blast!

    Have fun!


  11. Joy says:

    Wow, everything looks so great! Glad you had fun on vacation. I couldn’t have handled the heat.


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