“If you stop touching your face, you’ll stop getting acne” – Upon hearing that from a highschool classmate, I became paranoid about my face being touched ever since. I’m sure it’s not entirely true but I never had a major acne problem (yet) and if you think about it, hands are really disgusting since we use it to touch the same things (phone, door knob, keyboard, etc), so the last thing I want it to touch is my own face. I get pissed off when people touch my face but the only person who can touch it is my boyfriend. It feels nice when he does. xD

“If someone is talking bad about you, pretend they are dogs so their words are nothing but barking” – Indifference is truly the greatest insult. I  haven’t had “beef” with somebody since  literally junior high. And all the people who have tried to start drama with me, I just say “NOPE” and go about my business. I don’t have time for “dogs” and whatever they’re yippity yapping about, you know?

“In an argument, people who yell, yell because they are losing their power. People who talk calmly are confident and know they’re in control” – As a kid, I’ve thought people who yelled at you were intimidating and powerful, but after hearing those wise words from my drama teacher, it changed my whole perspective of them. As someone who now deals with a lot of customers on a daily basis, I usually keep my cool no matter how irate the customers can act towards me (unless they get physical). Plus, if you witness two people in a confrontation, which one looks more crazy: the one who’s raising their voice or the one who’s not?

“If you keep on saying ‘fuck’ it loses its sting” – In high school, I use to drop f-bombs a lot because I thought I sounded cool. Now I would try to only say it if I’m genuinely angry or have a deep hatred towards somebody because I want that f-word to mean it! If you know somebody who uses that word casually, it’s not going to have an effect on you if they say it to try to insult you, because that word is part of their everyday vocabulary. Now, if my super Catholic mom told me to fuck off, I’d probably cry like a baby.

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  1. M says:

    yeah i say the F word a lot, i can’t help it! probably one day i will mature enough to not have to say it so much
    the yelling thing im also guilty of


  2. Becca says:

    I follow the no-face-touchy thing too! I hate it when other people touch my face (it makes me feel gross) but yep… less chance of acne now. Although that might also be because puberty is over for me haha

    And so true.. indifference is usually win. It just makes the other person more mad (and they usually get louder too!)


  3. Latrina says:

    Interesting post, Tiff! I never really considered the whole yelling-during-an-argument thing — you’re absolutely right though! They one yelling is normally the one who is simply out of control.

    As for the “F” word — I rarely ever use, especially around family so when I do.. they know I mean business. 😛

    OH! And I really think the whole touching your face thing… I heard that many years ago and I make it such a strong point to NOT touch my face and I rarely EVER have acne. I also flip out if anyone else besides my husband touches my face, too… 😛


  4. Cat says:

    I like all those sayings! I’m awful about the first one. I touch my face all the time, and oftentimes, I don’t even realize I’m doing it. Not touching your face also means not picking at the acne, so that’s good!

    I especially like the 3rd saying. When 2 people yell at each other, they’re just fueling each other’s fire, and things seem to get worse. If one is calm, then the other starts looking pretty silly for losing control.

    I unfortunately went through a cussing stage when I was younger, and now I have a hard time doing it less. I feel like it really does lose its sting when it’s said often =/


  5. Jenny says:

    These are all good advice(?). I used to drop the F bomb a lot, but I agree, it definitely loses its sting when you use it too often. I suppose you could say the same about any cuss words in general.


  6. Meaghan says:

    My mom told me about that first one. I still touch my face, but I’m not aware when I do it lol. Like when I’m using my laptop or watching TV, I’ll put my hand on my chin lol. Hence all the acne forming up there. -__-

    I’ve never heard the third one before, but now, I’ll look at things in a different perspective. It used to scare me a lot when people yelled at me (mostly my parents because well, they look like they want to kill me (not in a literal sense)). But now, I’ll be silently laughing haha.

    I drop the f bomb like there’s no tomorrow. It’s such a bad habit, but I’ll be needing to get rid of it once I start becoming a nurse (that’s what I’m studying to be). But really, I cuss so much, it’s not even funny. I can’t stop it. It’s like word vomit (quoted from Mean Girls). 😛


  7. Nancy says:

    Tiffany!!! Hi!

    Hands are meant to be dirty, so it makes sense that it could be one of the many causes of acne. But I do agree with you, it feels good when a boyfriend (or significant other) touches your face ;). At this age, you shouldn’t have beef with anyone. Anyone that does… Well, getting into that sort of drama is so high school status. The loud ones are the ones who usually loses the argument at the end. Any word loses its sting if it’s being used excessively. Now, instead of saying, “f it” you can say, “thug life.” XD.


  8. Sarita says:

    Ugh, hands are disgusting… despite that, I still bite my nails (it’s such a hard habit to break!) My face is off limits though, even for my bf. I still get awful acne, but it’s probably due to genetics.

    Good life lessons here~


  9. Anndrea says:

    These are very wise words! I personally don’t swear only because someone once told me that a girl’s attractiveness decreases when she swears. At that time I had the hugest crush on this guy so I obviously stopped. HAHAH.


  10. Maria says:

    i like these. especially the second one about people talking bad about you. it’s funny picturing people bark haha, but also this is sort of a philosophy i’ve adopted for myself. people often crave a reaction from you so they get attention and they know they are getting to you–so show them you don’t care by ignoring them. haha it’s perfect. i always say i don’t have time for drama. if people want to be negative they can get away from me. :)

    i also always touch my face haha and i don’t think about it either. but yeah it is kind of gross all those germs…:(

    hah i bet my angry f-word will be powerful when i use it because in general i don’t like cussing around other people (but for whatever reason i cuss a lot more when i’m by myself…XD)

    interesting read :)


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