My family members and relatives practically share a common interest that sometimes annoys me. For every purchase I make, for every service I pay for, the first and only thing they ask me is “How much was it?” I always try my best to dodge the question because if I give them the real price, I would probably get unnecessary amounts of complaints about how I could’ve gotten it cheaper if I waited for their sale or that it’s too damn expensive.

I don’t think I’m that careless with how I spend my money, I just simply don’t care for saving money unless I reach to a point where I’m unable to pay my bills or I have to save up for my wedding or something. I value quality and great service over anything. I never bargain and ask for discounts, because as someone who works in a small business, I like supporting other small businesses.

Obviously, saving money and finding good deals is just as important if not more. I usually don’t have the patience for it, but I give mad props to people who can turn their total of $100 worth of groceries to $5 by using all of the coupons they’ve clipped every Sunday.

When it comes to your health though, I think it’s worth it to spend a little more. A friend once mentioned to me about how there was a Groupon deal where you can get your teeth cleaned just for $20. That kind of price will lower your expectations. You can lower your expectations of a movie you’re going to watch, but not of a dentist who’s going to do things to your teeth.

Same with tattoos–I don’t think I’d ever get one but during one of my lunch breaks, I recently overheard someone say to their friend, “$80!? You could’ve gotten that kind of tattoo done for $30.” How about I get my tattoo done where I know the needles will be sterilized?

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  1. Leanne says:

    I know what you mean!!!

    That’s the first question my parents especially my mother asks too. It’s like no matter how good the item is, if it’s too expensive it ruins it.

    I think if you want something and you have the money it’s not a big deal. As long as you’re not carelessly spending it and constantly in debt, it’s not an issue.


    Tiff Reply:

    It could possibly be an Asian thing. haha 😛


  2. Latrina says:

    Haha, my family asks the same questions. I hate it. And the thing is… I always lie. I always tell them things were a lot less than they really were. 😛 I just don’t want to hear them argue and bicker.


  3. M says:

    my parents are pretty cool about money spending so in that sense i’m lucky.

    and yes i definitely agree about tattoos or any sort of health thing.

    i try not to buy much these days unless i really need it and i try to buy quality 😀


  4. Ela says:

    That’s exactly how people react when I tell them how much my tongue piercing cost. They’re all like, “You can get that done for FREE!” And I’m like, “Yeah, noooo thanks, I’m not a big fan of acquiring hepatitis.”


  5. Cat says:

    I totally feel the same way! I mean, there are some things that I don’t care about enough to look for the quality ones, and I go for the cheapest. But then, there are things where the price really does match up to the quality, like food or cameras or appliances. I would feel really iffy getting a Groupon deal for a doctor or dentist. I find it odd that those are available to begin with.

    Sometimes people don’t realize that time is money too. I got so many “money saving” tips for my wedding, but it would have required so much of my time to do. I just said “screw that” and hired professionals, so I wouldn’t have to worry about them XD;;


    Tiff Reply:

    Right, there are some things you just don’t care enough. For instance, I don’t care much about my phone so I bought the cheapest phone with the cheapest plan. And as long as I can send and receive phone calls and text messages, I’m good to go!

    Yeah, I’m sure there a lot of methods to saving money but it requires MORE time. In your case, when you hired professionals for your wedding, you also bought “time” too. And there’s nothing wrong w/ that. xD


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