It’s nuts how the holidays can turn my grumpy mood into a complete 180 because for once, I’m feeling pretty damn jolly right now.

I ended up working on Christmas Eve today but my boss told me I could go home early as soon as I finished my work, and finish I did. After completing the majority of my work, I yelled “PEACE OUT” to the empty office and left as fast as my little Asian feet could carry me. I think the thing that did it for me was how sunny it was still after I got off of work. I’ve always got off of work alone when it got dark and creepy. Not today–Yay! I can leave the office without having too worry about getting mugged today!

As soon as I got home, I made myself a really huge cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows. When I say “huge”, I really mean it. It’s been three hours and I’m still trying to finish it. My stomach feels bloated from it, but I’ve reached to a point where I don’t care what my stomach thinks because it’s that delicious.

Tonight will be the first night I exchange Christmas presents and I feel like a five-year-old again because I can’t wait to open muh presents! I want muh presents! Anyway, with that said, I’d like to wish my fellow bloggers very Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! And happy Holidays!

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  1. Dom says:

    Merry christmas, tiff! I had to work today too ( retail, you know) but we got off early at 6 o’clock so I got to avoid all the crazies in traffic, here in Georgia it’s actually foggy right now and looking more like scary Christmas instead of merry Christmas….
    anyway happy holidays!!!!!


    tiff Reply:

    Thanks Dom! Yeah, my work is part retail, which is why I worked on that day. >< Anyway, hope you're having a wonderful Christmas, scary or not 😛


  2. Nancy says:

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays once again, Tiff :)!

    The holidays is supposed to make you filled with positiveness! I would add energy, except I can’t guarantee that. There’s nothing wrong with working on Christmas Eve as long as you have the night off when the real party begins. The weather was a bit nice yesterday considering how it wasn’t raining much. I hope you don’t work in South Central or anything because you really have to worry if you do work there.

    It looks like you treated yourself to a nice drink :P. Exchanging presents is one of the nicest traditions in Christmas. I hope you enjoyed your gifts and have fun!

    Take care :)!


  3. Christine says:

    You’re so right! Sometimes I can be so grumpy right before the holidays and then once I find myself with family and friends and festivities I’m all smiles! Hope you enjoyed that hot chocolate!


  4. Marinella says:

    Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year.

    In the end of the day, you’ll still feel the spirit of Christmas after those tiring hours. That’s just the essence of it. (^_^) Plus, the part of opening gifts.


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