I recently heard about an unbelievable deal where you can get your first pair of glasses for free from Coastal.com. What–this is impossible, it’s the scam of the earth! I cried out (not really). I decided to order my first pair for “free” anyway and see what happens because I’m all about living life on the edge…of the internet. I thought I’d also take a stab at reviewing their service and product. Oh and I wasn’t paid to do this, blah blah…

After observing their ordering process, here’s what I like to share:

  • Coastal is great for those who want single vision glasses (ie: You want to correct your vision for distance or reading, but not for both in one pair) . On the other hand…
  • People with multifocal prescription typically requires additional measurements, which online services like Coastal cannot provide. There is a chance that, people with said prescription, might experience some issues with their vision if they get their glasses online simply because multifocal lenses can be more complex.
  • Basic lenses are free for your first pair, any upgrades such as anti-glare coating, hi-index, UV coating, tint, etc have additional fees.

One of the more obvious disadvantages to ordering glasses online is you can’t physically try them on before ordering them. However, Coastal has an online tool where you can upload your own picture, add in your PD size, and watch the virtual try-on magic unfold.

The frames I bought are transparent so it should be forgiving that they technically put white frames on me. I’m ignoring the color and only trying it on for size, literally. With the actual frames, they’re a little smaller than I had expected, but it’s not problematic.

Bonus picture of me and my kickass niece:

Now onto receiving the glasses:

  • I ordered them on November 23rd and I ended up receiving them on December 1st.
  • Aside from the glasses, the order comes with a hard case and a really nifty repair kit, which has the cleaning cloth, spray and screwdriver.
  • In terms of comfort and quality, they’re not on the same level as the (queue the snobby accent) expensive designer frames I typically get (yes I can feel the difference). Regardless, these frames are quite sturdy and have a spring hinge, and that’s the most important thing. As long as I’m not rough with them, they shouldn’t break on me.
  • Look! There are little hearts on them too!

The charges:

  • Frame (Love L740 Crystal Shadow): $0.00
  • Durable Air Lenses: $0.00
  • Premium Anti-Reflective Coating: $9.95
  • Shipping: $7.95
  • Handling: $7.71
  • Total: $25.61

All in all, I paid only $26 for a decent pair of glasses and it only took me about a week to receive them. For a free pair, the quality is not bad at all. It’s not great, but it’s good enough as long as you’re not wreckless with them. My prescription isn’t that complicated so I can see just fine with them. You definitely get what you pay for and a little bit more–it’s perfect for those who are on a budget. Thanks Coastal!


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  1. Leanne says:

    that’s cool that you can try the glasses on virtually! unfortunately i am short sighted and have astigmatism too, so makes it difficult to get online glasses.

    the glasses look great on you!


    Tiff Reply:

    What you have sounds fairly normal, but is it a high prescription? I’m sure Coastal can still make those kind of glasses, but you’re right about the difficulty, the more complex the prescription, the higher chances of difficulty wearing them.

    Thanks though! 😛


  2. Liv says:

    Well that’s a deal! All my glasses are about $300. Not that I pay for them yet.

    Speaking of scams, the other day I followed H&M on Instagram because they said followers would get gift cards. Of course it was a freaking scam. I had doubts in the beginning but since it was just Instagram, I followed to see what happens. Nothing more than I expected.

    I think Coastal just wants to bring in more consumers to their glasses so they throw in the free pair. Their glasses maybe are not Ralph Laurens then, but they will do. Glasses aren’t something you stick in your body so quality is not a huge deal in my opinion, which is why I think my $300 glasses are utterly ridiculous. There was nothing cheaper though!

    It also sounds good that the glasses fit well enough. Even the glasses I tried on would not fit and had to be adjusted because I’m Asian and I have no bridge ….


  3. Shannon says:

    Just as long as I can see and my glasses don’t break on me, I’m fine with whatever I purchase lol. A couple of months ago I went to America’s Best for a free eye exam and bought 2 pairs of glasses. I knew I had vision problems but it wasn’t until I actually put on the glasses that I realized just how bad my sight really was.

    Anyway, my frames are pretty good, except the one, which I knew was going to be a problem when I’d first picked them up. I told the “technician” they needed to be tightened. He let me try both of them on and when he tightened the pair, I was satisfied but only recently they started feeling weird on my face. So I guess whenever I get the time I have to go back and have them tightened again.


  4. Sally says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It was helpful


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