I took Christmas very seriously as a kid because like most kids, I use to believe in Santa Claus. And the closest I could ever get to him, along with his reindeers and littler helpers, was watching the right holidays movies that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’d like to share a few of those movies, but I will exclude A Christmas Story (1983) and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) from the list only because…well, no shit right? They’re holidays classics. I don’t think I need to remind you guys how wonderful those two movies are when most people already know it.

1. Gremlins (1984)

So it’s a little bit more of a horror/comedy movie but who says horror and Christmas can’t go hand in hand? I think this was one of the first scary movies  (it was scary at the time!) I’ve watched and I still remember most of the scenes to this day.

2. The Santa Clause (1994)

This picture was probably one of my favorite scenes in the movie because you could just taste the deliciousness of the hot cocoa as he’s slowly taking sips out of a fancy lookin’ reindeer mug. The only thing I hated about the movie was how they used real kids as elves. I hated those kids for some reason.

3. Jingle All the Way (1996)

I think the fact that it’s starring Arnold Schwarzenegger should be a good enough reason, but considering how he’s pissed off all the time, desperately trying to fight for that one stupid toy his ungrateful son wants, makes his Austrian accent sound more entertaining.

4. The Nutcracker (1993)

I remembered watching this as a kid and thinking how incredibly boring this all should have been, but the weird thing is, I couldn’t even keep my eyes off of the TV screen. I could’ve changed the channel but I–I don’t know–maybe I was entranced by the music and the dancing, or maybe I just couldn’t believe the Home Alone kid was not in a Home Alone movie.

5. Home Alone (1990)


Speaking of Home Alone, I think I’ve watched part one & two over 20 times that I’m fairly certain I can still remember each line that was said in the first movie. It is possibly my #1 favorite Christmas movie of all time because it’s got every right element I loved as a kid. He’s got the whole big house to himself because he’s a neglected child. Gets to have fun and do whatever wants, EATS whatever he wants. And he when he finds out his house is going to be robbed by two men, he trolls the hell out of them. Brilliant.

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  1. ninnikuneko says:

    How funny! I was just procrastinating by searching for a movie to watch! (#^.^#) I only saw Home alone from the movies you listed so there’s plenty of choice for me :)


  2. Nancy says:

    Christmas is a wonderful holiday, especially for kids since they can enjoy themselves with all of the food they can eat as well as gifts… And not worry about paying for it. It’s all fun and games until they find out that Santa “doesn’t exist”. But still, they can have their fun :).

    The only movies I have seen out of the 5 you mentioned is Home Alone. I loved that movie and I watched it several times myself. The kid is a genius! A brilliant troll as well ;).


  3. Michelle says:

    Amazing movies! 😀


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