I went Christmas shopping at Downtown Disney (man they’re expensive!) on a rainy day. At the end of my 30-minute shopping errand (I shop fast), I decided to treat myself with donuts and coffee. I went home and logged into the computer; dunkin’ mah donuts into the coffee while listening to the rain hit the roof of my house.

“Ah, this is as good as it can get” I thought in my head–but it got even better. Looking at my site referrers, I noticed that my blog, as well as ten others, was featured on Cami’s site for “11 Examples of Great Web Design“…awesome! I don’t think I ever had my blog featured on another website before so I am flattered that this blog is even being recognized by someone. Thanks Cami!


I watched The Hobbit last night (no spoilers here), but in HFR 3D. HFR stands for High Frame Rate, and the current standard frame rate in all cinemas is 24 frames per second. The Hobbit in HFR displayed 48 fps instead which is twice the typical rate–and HOLY SHIT THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

At first, the picture seemed quite unusual. It took me a couple of minutes to adjust to seeing 48 FPS in a fantasy movie. The visuals originally looked a little too “soap opera” for me and some of the movements the characters made seemed a little too fast and unreal, but the more I watched the more my brains made sense of the increased frame rate and thus realizing how considerably more realistic and enhanced everything looked on HFR.

Despite the mixed opinions on whether to see this film in HFR or not, I think HFR the best way to go and totally worth seeing, especially for a CGI movie with many visually detailed scenes. It’s simply an incredible experience is too see middle earth in its rawest and most vivid form.


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  1. Latrina says:

    I saw The Hobbit, too! Wasn’t in amazing crazy fast FPS though like sooome people 😛 — but still, excellent movie, right? 😀 I loved it. Definitely worth the wait all the years. I’m already thinking about going to see it again before it comes out on dvd.


    Tiff Reply:


    You didn’t see The Hobbit if you didn’t see it in FPS! You MUST see it in FPS! 😛 My date saw it in both versions and he was really surprised by how much he enjoyed the FPS one significantly more than the regular one.

    Regardless, it’s still an excellent movie. I would watch it again. :)


  2. Cat says:

    Congrats on making it onto Cami’s list!

    I saw The Hobbit in 3D HFR too! I thought the same thing you did. I felt it bordered on that soap opera feel, but after a while, I guess my eyes adjusted, and it wasn’t so weird anymore. I enjoyed it!


  3. Carrie says:

    You sure do shop fast! My fiancee is a quick shopper as well. She just gets the first thing she lays her eyeballs on. I take forever with shopping! This is why no one likes to take me because I’ll spend over 3 hours in the store, just to come out with one bag, lol!

    Congrats on making it on Cami’s list. I bet it feels good! I wish I made it on someone’s list, anybody’s list, LOL!

    I’ve never seen The Hobbit before! It looks like a pretty cool movie! I like that big braid the first guy to the left has around his neck. Pretty sweet!


  4. sarah says:

    I saw The Hobbit 3 nights ago and asdkjaslkhdkashdjasghjs! Saw it on 3D too (well I’ve been watching movies on 3D ever since 3D came out) which makes it a totally different experience. Being an LOTR fan, the movie definitely did not disappoint. :)


  5. Dom says:

    Dagnabit! Bloglovin totally let me down on the part about letting me know when you posted a new entry! I missed out on sooooooo much. I’ll just read everything I missed.

    But I gotta tell you, I haven’t even SEEN the hobbit, and for some reason it gave me nightmares, it’s not even supposed to be scary, right? But somehow it gave me nightmares…uhh I don’t think I’ll be seeing it in 48 FPS


  6. Leanne says:

    My boyfriend mentioned about this increased frame rate thing. it’s funny because in reality we’re seeing each other and things move at 100000000 fps. but for some reason we’ve become used to how things move in movies- slower.. so when peter jackson has decided to make it fasted (ie. more realistic) it’s weird. :oP.


  7. Leanne says:

    oh yes.. and congrats on being featured as one of the top 10 great web design!!! i always enjoy your blog layouts!!!


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