Besides my current extremely stressful situation at work, outside of work, I’m having the best week evvaarrrrrrr! How come, you ask? Well first off, my good friend Pris recently got an adorable new kitty who goes by the name of Calypso:


I’m loving how a lot of my friends are getting cats these days. I can play and snuggle with them, without having the responsibility of taking care of them. It’s like playing with other people’s cute babies and passing them back to the parents when they start poopin’. Though, cats can really take care of themselves–I’d love to have one of my own in the future.

Secondly, Pris and I went to see Lady Gaga perform last Sunday. When I went to her concert two years ago, I dressed up as skull face gaga and this year, we sort of went as some sort of heavy metal hookers from outer space or whatever Gaga wore in her Judas video.


That woman really knows how to put on a hell of a good show, and despite what other’s may think, you can really tell how much she appreciates and loves her fans. And while we’re on the topic of concerts, I will also be seeing Muse this Thursday.


And third, I decided to splurge and purchase my FIRST, EVER REAL SMARTPHONE, the iphone 4! I’ve hated on smartphones in the past, but I think it’s because I bought a cheaply made one before where the battery life was only good for a few hours and the performance was slow and laggy. Now, I fee like I’m ready to tackle the world, with one app at a time. YEAH!



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  1. Jazmyn says:

    Man you even got a cute case too! I wish I could be one of the cool kids with a Rilakkuma case! Just just seem so bulky though which is why I haven’t bought one lol.

    Also that’s pretty exciting that you got to go to a Lady Gaga concert. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to one. One of these days I will lol. Have fun at the Muse show too! :)


  2. Kristine says:

    I have never been to a concert before, but dang, I would LOVE to go see Lady Gaga in the flesh. What I like about her is that she truly appreciates her fans. And there’s no doubt she puts on a great show. Have fun at the Muse concert, by the way!

    Like you, I hated on smartphones too… Until I got an iphone 4s. I realized that having a smartphone is not that bad, but I need to stop checking my smartphone so often.


  3. Leanne says:

    A lot of my friends are getting pets too and I too, love the opportunity to play with them yet don’t have the responsibility to clean or feed them. :)

    Lady Gaga’s shows sound amazing! The way she talks about her fans really shows how much she appreciates them. Her film clips are also fun to watch. Candy for the eyeballs.

    When I first got my iphone I was more hesitant because I don’t like how Apple restricts everything, however I ended up caving in because 1. it’s easy to use 2. it’s chic :p


  4. V says:

    First Lady Gaga, then Muse? Gurl, you’re on a roll! I’m glad to hear that great things are coming your way because if I recall correctly, you were kinda not so excited during the start of the year. But lookit you now yo.

    And oh, good job on getting an iPhone. Hahaha. (No matter what people say, I really like the iPhone.) You should be busy installing apps by now. My number 1 must have is Hipstamatic. Nice “toy.” I’m jealous. Heehee.


  5. Amanda says:

    Aww more kitties! They’re so adorable :’) I know how you feel about playing with them but not having to take care of them. I love getting to do that!

    I’ve never gone to a concert before, but I’d love to some time! Hope you have a great time at the Muse concert too ^___^

    Nooo, you’ve joined the iPhone club! I’m just kidding, iPhones are awesome but I can never switch because I love Android’s Swype and being able to text with one hand and eat with the other. 😛 The case is so cute, though! Jealous. :'( I wish they made more cases for other smartphones. iPhones have a bajillion cases.


  6. Denise says:

    The kitty is so cute :3! You look awesome when you went to the concert of Lady Gaga. I actually wanted to go too when she was in the Netherlands, but I didn’t had the money back then :( Was The Darkness awesome?! They went on tour with Lady Gaga in the Netherlands, I’m not sure if they toured all around the world with her. I really wanted to see them too :)


  7. JC says:

    Haha! You two totally rocked the heavy metal hookers from outer space outfit. Were the shoes comfy?

    I <3 animals –but as it turns out, don't have the lifestyle to take care of one either. So I tend to babysit other people's animals. It works & I can still squeeze the cute-bejeezies out of the cat/dog. Cats are more fun to photograph though.

    I had an iPhone (3g), then switched to a different smartphone because I wanted to try the Android platform (I had a Samsung Experia)… it totally turned me off from smartphones so I switched back to Apple & got an iPhone 5. I'm convinced Apple makes the better smartphones. I guess you really do get what you pay for!


  8. M says:

    i think the best part bout getting an iphone is the endless possibilities in terms of cases. for non-samsung non-iphones it’s a bit difficult X_X


  9. Cat says:

    Aw, cute kitty! I feel the same way about other people’s pets, which is why I don’t mind pet sitting. It’s fun without the long term responsibility XD

    I love your outfits for the Gaga concert! I’m glad that it was a good show, and I’m so jealous that you’re seeing Muse. I’ve been wanting to see them live for a while now.

    Congrats on getting a smartphone! That’s the same one I have because I don’t feel like upgrading. It does what I need :) Cute case too!


  10. Latrina says:

    You got an iphone! Woooooo. Get ready to be SUCKED IN and lose hours of your day. 😉

    I expect you’re going to DL Instagram now, right? :) That’s one that I spend the MOST time on, I think. But it’s all worth it! :)

    Killer outfits, too, by the way! Wow. I can not even imagine how much fun you ladies must have had there! I’ve seen televised shows of hers… but never one live… I can bet they’re intense!


  11. Liza says:

    The kitty is so cute! I really miss my cat a lot. :L Blah.

    As for the concert, I’ve never seen Lady Gaga live, but I really admire her music. I’m a fan. 😀 Your outfits look nice. c;

    Congrats on the phone! I really love the case it has; it’s cute! :p My phone sucks, but for now I have to deal with it, heh.


  12. Shannon says:

    You guys look great!

    I think cats are evil! Well, some of them anyway. When I’ve had cats in the past they were extremely just rude lol They did whatever they felt like doing whenever they felt like doing it.

    There’s this stray cat in particular who sits on my porch & waits for me to come out then he walks me to the bus. He waits until I board, then he walks away. It’s so weird, but he seems cool lol


  13. Tori says:

    That’s a great shot of the kitty! I wish I could have one, but unfortunately I’m allergic. I’m happy to hear that you’re wary of the responsibility involved with taking care of a pet because so many new pet owners aren’t, which leads to mistreatment.

    Your boots are too incredible! I’ve always wanted a pair, but I would never have the guts nor the occasion to rock them like you do. I hope you had a great time going gaga and seeing muse tonight! Do you have any photos of the performances?

    Congratulations on joining the smart phone side! I use siri for everything, so definitely take advantage of that for creating reminders, voice to text message, and setting or deleting alarms. I would totally recommend the app Kawaii PET Megu! It’s incredibly addictive and cute :)


  14. Jea says:

    That cat is so cute! :”)

    You two really look like Gaga in those outfits. I love her! Muse is a great band as well. :)

    Congratulations on your new iPhone! The case is so cute and it’s exactly the same as Ariana Grande’s so now I am fangirling. XD I wanna get a case like that so baaad. :S


  15. Ashley says:

    That kitten is on spot, I just got one for my daughter about a month ago, that thing is SATAN, SATAN I SAY!!

    Also, you’re outfit for Lady Gaga is amazing. :) I love it, and I am glad you had a good time!


  16. Nancy says:

    Having stress is pretty much normal in your life. It’s how you handle it makes a difference. Calypso looks so adorable! I love cats because they’re so cute most of the time (except for when they’re not potty trained).

    You both look really awesome with your heavy metal outfits. Lady Gaga is amazing; I really don’t know why people hate on her. For sure, she loves her fans. I hope you had fun at the Muse concert too! A good handful of my friends went to the concert at the Staples Center :o.

    Congratulations on getting a smartphone! For a while, I didn’t want to get an iPhone.. But now I have it, I don’t really want to let go of it. I love your case too! It’s so adorable :3!

    Take care c:


  17. Becca says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m not a bit cat person but that kitten is so adorable! And I love the name Calypso as well – it seems very suiting! :)

    I can only imagine that Lady Gaga would be one amazing performer. I’m glad you had fun!

    I love your phone case! I haven’t seen ones like that before, that aren’t just a patter on a rectangular case. It’s very cute! I’ve been wanting an iPhone or just a smartphone in general for a while now, but can’t get myself to fork over the money for one quite yet. 😛


  18. Kristine says:

    You had me at “heavy metal hookers”. 😛


  19. Gayle says:

    Haha, I also have a cat, its name is Hitler because it looks like Hitler with its black spot under his nose xD

    You both look good with what you’re wearing! I love the make up too! So Gaga! xD

    Gahd, I want to go to Muse’s concert, I’m jealous as hell! T_T

    Yay we got the same case! I have the Rilakkuma case too, only that it’s white in color.


  20. A says:

    1) I love how you described yourselves as “heavy metal hookers from outer space”. Your outfits are freakin awesome!!!

    2) I love your iphone case!!! But I get so easily bored with them! I ended up getting gelaskins instead.


  21. Crystal says:

    You ladies looked awesome! Love the Rilakkuma case.


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