Oh dear. Trust me when I say I unintentionally ordered two of the same glasses but in different colors. I wasn’t even planning to make a post about my new pair of glasses until I unexpectedly received another pair of frames about a week later. There was a “mix-up” in the order, but I’m such an easygoing/lazy person that I decided to drop the idea of looking into how to return one back and just keep both of them instead.


Versace has really stepped up in their frame designs. I’ve grown to love frames with unique patterns on them because you just don’t see it that often.


Here I am, wearing the brown one because I think I like the brown a little bit more because the patterns are bolder BECAUSE because. I also decided to grow my bangs out because my forehead wanted to breathe for once. Yup, that is all.


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  1. Leanne says:

    which pair did you order and which one was the “mix up” one?

    the brown frames remind me of a zebra :o)

    i just cut my fringe/bangs shorter.. but I know once i start working I’m just going to pin them up again :oP


  2. Amanda says:

    The unique pattern ones are really cute! I sometimes wish I had slightly bad vision just so I can wear glasses. I looove glasses. ^__^

    I tried to grow out my bangs once before, since I’ve had my bangs in my face forever. It never worked out, ahah. I think it’s just strange not seeing your forehead for so long and then seeing it again. Is that weird? o.o


  3. Manda says:

    I really like them both, although I think I’m more partial to the purple ones. I’ve been all about purple recently though, so that’s really not a surprise!


  4. V says:

    I will never ever question your taste. Tiff. I especially love the pink one. I’d wear them even if my eyes are still 20/20 just because those look great.


  5. Joy says:

    They are both really cute frames!


  6. Latrina says:

    Super cute! I love the style of the frames, too. I could never pull off glasses.. but I always find myself admiring people with unique frames. :)


  7. Nancy says:

    Even though you ordered the same glasses in different colors, at least it wasn’t given in the same color. Both of these glasses looks really cute! You’re really rocking the brown framed glasses. I hope you will enjoy them c:

    Take care!


  8. Cat says:

    Ooh, I really like the color of the purple/pink ones. The design of that one looks cool up close, but the brown ones are definitely more noticeable from a distance. They both look great!


  9. Gretch says:

    Uwaah. Your forehead looks so roundish, I want it. :3

    I adore the pink one. I think it would look even better if it has the same print as the brown one. Yay for pink zebras~

    I tagged you in my post by the way~



    tiff Reply:

    Yaaaaay! Thanks for tagging me, Gretch! I will do it soon. 😀


  10. Kathy says:

    I love the brown one. It frames your face perfectly because of its bold appearance. The pink one’s also cute. But I prefer bolder ones.

    If I were you, I’ll keep both. You’ll never know when the other frame comes in handy. :)


  11. Denise says:

    Oh! Those glasses are awesome! I love them both! I like the pink one, but I also love the pattern of the brown one :) Now you got back up glasses if one breaks.
    Isn’t Versace really expensive?


  12. Kristine says:

    You have quite an extensive collection of designer glasses!!! That’s probably a super expensive collection, too. Tiff, you are one of the few people I know that looks just as gorgeous with glasses! I really really want your brown glasses, by the way.


  13. Liv says:

    I’m still counting here man. You have so many glasses! Collection sounds like the right word.

    I have two that I never wear because they annoy me (both thick and black like a total Asian). How do you keep glasses clean?!


  14. Liza says:

    You have a lot of glasses, and they’re so pretty! I have just one pair. I actually hate my glasses, though. p: They ALWAYS get dirty, even after I clean them. I wear glasses with thin frames. I used to want glasses with slightly thicker framers (like the black ones) to make me look, heh, smart. It seems like it would be nice to have different frames to switch out which pair you wear to have some kind of variety!


  15. Sunny says:

    OOhhhh those are some cute spectacles! 😀 Very unique, indeed. I’ve NEVER seen ones with such unique patterns before ^.^ They seem to look even more flattering when actually put on.


  16. rh0ze says:

    oh those glasses are so cute i love the purple one and also i like the frames. where did you get those glasses. because i think i need to bought one for me.

    good choice my dear.


  17. Shannon says:

    I love both of them! I wasn’t into the designer frames but after seeing these, I may have to reconsider.


  18. mayra says:

    Those glasses are really cute! I don’t think I’ve seen some like that or similar to those two, I would so wear them. I like the brown ones better too :)


  19. Dayna says:

    Those stripe-y ones are RAD. Sometimes I wish I could wear glasses… they’re the perfect fashion accessory. I’d feel weird wearing them when they are unnecessary for me, though.


  20. Kayla says:

    At least they’re both really rad and you didn’t get some ugly pair on accident! I need to buy a new pair actually, I hate just having the one pair. I want some variety!


  21. Cami says:

    Nice glasses. You got a great deal. ^_^
    I’ve never seriously thought about getting some stylish glasses. I absolutely need my glasses and I’m trying to get into the business world. So some big black retro nerd glasses might not be the best idea. But if I get some extra money…ha,ha that’s always the case isn’t it? Extra money.


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