Mmmkay…I’m going to stop spending money on myself from here on out. I’ve been splurging this month and that’s no bueno for someone who doesn’t even have a lot of money to begin with. One of the things I’ve recently purchased were two decoden iphone cases…oh god why did I do that!?

decodeniphone2 decodeniphone

Yes, I can be a total girly-girl who can’t help but buy adorable shit like this. This one here has a My Little Pony figurine on it, and bows, and pearls, and cake icing AND ALL THINGS THAT I LIKE!

vanellope vonshweetziphone

The second one is a customized iphone case. As soon as I saw Vanellope Von Schweetz’s sweet ride from the movie “Wreck-it Ralph”, I knew I wanted her car on my phone. So I requested a custom iphone case, from one of my favorite Etsy stores, LonnasLovlies, to be made and got this sweet little case in the mail. F*CK I NEED TO STOP BUYING STUFF.


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  1. Kristine says:

    Those iphone cases are soooo adorable, but do they feel really bulky? I would totally get my boyfriend a My Little Pony case if they had any for Android phones.


  2. Latrina says:

    Oh my gosh — too stinking adorable! But I can’t help but think how uncomfortable it must be to hold though?? πŸ˜›


  3. Kate says:

    YES! My new nickname is “Glitch” since I saw that movie with friends. XD Love the cases, mega jelly! πŸ˜€


  4. V says:

    I don’t know what powers you possess, Tiff. But you always get cute stuff. I haz no talent for obtaining cute things. Please FedEx some of your abilities to me. Kthx.


  5. Jen says:

    Oh, so so girly! I love it. I haven’t seen My Little Pony stuff in ages. You’re going to bring it back!


  6. Gayle says:

    Those cases are so cuuuute! I wish I could find something like that for android phones tho. >_<


  7. Shannon says:

    Those are really cute cases! I’d imagine they feel a bit weird in your hands though.


  8. Irene says:

    my heart actually stopped when I saw these. I LOVE DECO CASES.


  9. Mija says:

    Oh Vanellope is such a great character and her car was amazing!!! Those phone cases are awesome!!I think the creator did a great job making the case from the inspiration of the car!!! So amazing! Esty is the best!!


  10. Cat says:

    Those are so cute! I especially like the custom one you got. Mine is pretty boring in comparison, haha. It’s just plain purple with no design.


  11. Sarita says:

    holy crap… that Vanellope phone case is so spot on!! Who made it? Whoever it was, she did an excellent job!


  12. Liv says:

    Okay, how the hell do you hold these cases? LOL. They are so freaking cute (I’m very drawn to the second one) but wouldn’t all those things make it uncomfortable?

    I so wish I had a cute case. I have the HTC Vivid and there are no cases except for fugly red, blue, etc. I had a pink case for my iPhone 3G but it fell 5 feet and broke. iPhone’s fine, believe that or not. πŸ˜›


  13. Richelle says:

    I feel the same one about myself. I can’t stop buying stuff but at least it’s things that make us happy right?!

    I love the Wreck It Ralph one, I just watched it again last night, so awesome :)


  14. Dom says:

    Where do you get custom phone cases? Do they have custom ipod cases?

    Oh what am I saying, I don’t need to shop anymore either (just this once), I just bought a laptop because it was on sale :S


  15. Manda says:

    Those phone cases are adorable! I echo everyone else’s sentiments, though; they seem lovely to look at but I imagine they might be a little inconvenient in terms of bulkiness.


  16. Tiff says:

    Haaaay gurll haayy! I thought you were trying to save up money for a car or something, what are you doing with your life!??! I mean these iPhone cases are pretty adorable. Never thought you’d actually buy them though, since .. well I just thought they’d fall all over the place & you’d just be miserable that your little my little pony figurine went missing or something to that extent. Also, inconvenient pocket storing. You’ve changed, Tiff. You’ve changed. I kid. Hope all is well with you. Haven’t checked in on you for a while!


  17. Chazz says:

    first thing first, I’d like to tell you that you have a super cute layout! now, let’s continue with the blog’s comment… oh dear oh dearrr the cases are super cute and how I wish we can request that for android phone too! and yeah, whenever i read “i should stop buying things” in other people’s blog, I would vigorously nod my head when the fact that I should start doing it for real – but always failed miserably. I’m easily fall for cute things! T__T


  18. Liza says:

    Those are too cute! I think I love the custom one more! It’s so unique, and it looks uber yummy! πŸ˜€


  19. Denise says:

    Oh my God!! Those iPhone cases are soooooo cute!! but it looks like it’s hard to hold?

    Now you’re making me want to buy an iPhone too… haha.


  20. Maria says:

    whaaa! i do not have a smart phone so i have no experience with getting cool cases, but these are INSANE. in a good way XD. i like, wouldn’t be able to use my phone anymore i would just set it down in front of people so that their brains could explode from extreme pimped out cuteness.

    hahhh..maybe one day –in 2016– when I finally cave in and get a smart phone i can spend my monies on a cool customized case. these are pretty legit.


  21. Uglyfish says:

    Those cases are insanely cute! Especially the second one, but I’d hungry from looking at it. I keep my phone in my back pocket too, so I’d probably break them. But that doesn’t stop me wanting them!!!

    And everyone’s allowed to splurge every now and then! =p


  22. Leanne says:

    those cases are too adorable!

    everything in “Wreck It Ralph” was damn too cute! Everything about Sugar rush was sooo cute and I just wanted everything from the candy spectators to the sweet cars! :oD


  23. Merii-Beth says:

    Those phone cases are too cute! Are they comfortable for your hands though? I’ve always wanted to get a case like that but I wasn’t sure as to whether or not it’d be comfortable or if it would fit nicely in my pockets haha.


  24. Amanda says:

    I love those cases! I probably would get one of my own if I had an iPhone, but they’re not so practical if I keep my phone in my pocket. πŸ˜› Aren’t they a bother to hold? It looks like it can be so bulky.


  25. ninnikuneko says:

    those iphone cases are pure art!!! I’ve never seen such elaborate ones~ they’re so pretty and they make it impossible not to find your phone…I nominated you for the “liebster blog award” If you’re in the mood to answer some questions, join in! :)


  26. Joy says:

    Oh gosh, the my little pony one is sooo cute! I wish I could buy myself nice things.


  27. Crystal says:

    Well, MY phone case is all, black..

    What is Wreck-it Ralph and why haven’t I heard of it? Love that car! Off to IMDB I go!


  28. Cami says:

    Oh my goodness! I have never in my life seen cases like those! Gee girl! I think they were worth whatever it is you paid for them. (I have got to get myself one of those. -Better yet, get my sister one. She would be floored! ^_^)


  29. Kayla says:

    AHH THEY ARE SO CUTE! I can’t handle cases like that, though. They’re too big and bulky and I can’t put them in my pocket. I would just buy them and put them on my shelf hahaa.


  30. Gretch says:

    Those are sooo damn adorable… I don’t think it’s practical… It looks like it’s such a hassle…

    But the cuteness makes it all worth it. πŸ˜€


  31. […] since I got the iPhone back in January, I feel like I’ve been buying iPhone cases more than I probably should. Well rest assured, I’ve decided to stop buying them for a while […]

  32. Lonna Hughes says:

    I am so happy to see my cases on your blog! I had no idea that this existed. It make me so happy to see how much everyone likes your cases <3

    If anyone is interested I am more than happy to do a custom order!


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