Every time a friend says they want to start a blog, I cringe. Not because I’m an elitist asshole who already has a blog for a few years, but because they never make it. They never do. All of the people I’ve known personally who started their first blog, went on a blogging spree for a solid three months and then they stopped forever.

Keeping an updated blog can be pretty difficult at times, but I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s no rule to how often you should blog.

If you feel like you only have the time or enough interest just to blog once every two weeks, great. If you haven’t updated your blog in a more than a month, fine with me. You’re the boss of your own blog. Don’t make yourself think that you have to update a few times a week and then apologize to the readers if you don’t. Surprise! Nobody is expecting you to blog consistently. That kind of pressure can only scare yourself away from blogging again.

Don’t burn yourself out.

When you first start a fresh new blog, all you want to do is think about what to post next. You’ll put all your energy and time to writing entries and possible blog ideas that it’ll wear you out fast. Just take a breather and calm down. If you’re really full of ideas and you need to write them all down, I would suggest opening up a new post and write a few first sentences about it, then save it as a draft and come back to it later.

Using a blog on a non-social networking site can be lonely, so find a community.

Using sites like Facebook and Tumblr as your blogging platform can be a lot easier to garner attention because people who are already following you on those sites are “forced” to see it on their own feed. People can also “share” or “repost” what you’ve written. Hell, if you use tags on Tumblr, non-followers can read your entries with the right tag they’re searching for.

On the other hand, blogs like mine (I had to install WordPress) can neither be reposted nor followed (unless you use an outside source). If you’re using WordPress or Blogspot, then find other bloggers who share the same interests as you and who uses a similar blogging platform. Seriously, this is important. I would’ve had a shitty ass time blogging if it weren’t for all the other wonderful bloggers who have been regularly visiting and leaving comments on my site. Most of us are mutually linked to each other.

Why you should try keeping your blog up even when you feel like quitting.

There are many different reasons to use a blog but one of the main reasons to keep at it is to document your writings and store them for memory. Our writing style, attitudes and beliefs change and evolve as we get older, so it’s always interesting to read what you’ve written ten years ago.

Here’s a snippet of what I blogged on May 1, 2003:

KAY so who wants to kno what happen w/ the cheerleaders during 6th periodo?! Kay so we had to run around the track once and one of the cheer girls starts complaining about and says she and the squad only runs around the tree ..this is bullsmack!! So we ran together..and then 10 seconds later..the cheergirls were waaaay behind us. how sad is that?!! it was embarrasing for them..b/c the football guys saw.and realized how the cheergirls were out of shaped (but damn those girls r dam flexible!!..i bet they can put both of their feets behind their heads and roll down a hill !!)….

Embarrassing, yes. Difficult to read, certainly. But funny nonetheless.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I remember the first time I started a blog back in 6th grade on “MSN Spaces” (hahaha, remember that?). I blogged about my everyday life, friends, school, etc. and I realized I loved blogging for myself and not for anyone else (as mean as that sounds). It was like a little journal. Of course, I knew people reading my blog and commenting but in general I blogged whenever I wanted to. Now I do the same with my current blog. I blog what and when I want but I still love my readers for adding their opinions 😀

    Actually, I have this.. nervousness and slight fear of joining a blogging community. I normally don’t post comments but I’m trying to expand and meet new people.. so frightening when I first started commenting! But it’s worth making an effort to make blogging buddies :)

    (Wow this was a long comment!)


    tiff Reply:

    You know what…I actually never heard of MSN Spaces hahah. But I was on sites like Xanga and Livejournal a long time ag. Man, I guess we lived really different internet blog lives in the past. O.O

    That’s great that you’ve been blogging for you and only for you. I think most people tend to quit blogging so easily because they’re too busy trying to please other people.

    You shouldn’t be nervous joining a blogging community! I mean, there’s no signup sheet or anything. Just start leaving comments, it’s totally worth it to make blogging buddies. :)


  2. sarah says:

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve “relaunched” my blog just because I went on a blogging hiatus or such, hehe.

    Honestly, there are just days when I want to disappear for good, chuck my domain in the trash and that’s the end of it.

    BUT, I would read through blog entries and I would always have that feeling of “i wanna keep blogging, who cares if i blog once every 3 months.”

    So yeah, I just “relaunched my blog for the nth time. Sigh.


    tiff Reply:

    I know, Sarah, QUIT GOING ON BLOG HIAUTUS! How am I going to stalk your awesome party and vacation pictures if you keep going away like that? :-/ hehe

    But I’m glad you’re back! Most bloggers tend to quit and that’s that. But you always make an effort to come back, and that’s what matters. 😀


  3. Cat says:

    These are great tips! Especially the first one. It makes me sad when someone closes their blog because they feel like they don’t update enough or with enough “interesting” things. There’s not some rule out there that says you have to blog daily or weekly. Just gotta have fun with it at your own pace.

    I save a lot of ideas as drafts. Not all of them see the light of day, but I agree it’s a good idea to keep things stored that you can come back to.

    I think I got more into blogging once I found blogs I could regularly visit and people who regularly visited mine as well. I know it’s not all about getting comments, but they’re nice to read, so it helps :)

    Wow, I’m amazed you still have entries from 10 years ago! I would be embarrassed to go back to some of my entries, though I think a lot of them got deleted when I deleted the site.


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