“Geez, Tiff, the only time you update your blog is when you want something!”

The entire Dolly Dynamite store

I enjoy being Asian and looking like one. This online store has practically been calling out to me to buy more of its ridiculously adorable clothes and shoes! Ugh, so cute.

Classy, vintage-style clothing

When I’m not dressing up in a cute kitty sweater with a cute pair of kitty stockings, I’m typically in more a retro get-up because I love looking like a lady (sometimes I end up looking like an old lady, but whatevz).


Ok but seriously though, sometimes you don’t care about looking super fabulous and you just want to relax and wear a t-shirt and baseball cap to cover your oily hair that you haven’t washed in weeks–while representing the video games (and YouTube channel) you love.

And more things! >_<

Here are a few more random things that don’t quite fit the categories above…

Hologram top and skirt: I’m not quite entirely sure where I would wear this too, but I do know that I need a hologram outfit.

Kitty Anatomy: Jason Freeny is an incredible artist that tends to make really beautiful figurines that suits my twisted taste.

The cutest glasses ever: This is made by SEE Eyewear, my #1 favorite brand for glasses. I really want the first frame on the left!

Fancy running shoes: My current Nike shoes are ripped up and has holes in them. I must upgrade to a fancy running shoe. It’s the only way.

The most amazing sunglasses ever: There are no words for me to describe how much I adore these sparking shades.


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  1. Cat says:

    I didn’t know about Dolly Dynamite but now I want stuff from their store too! So many cute things. I especially like the dresses and bunny tights XD

    I want some vintage-style clothing too. I often look at them but don’t buy. It’s a nice style!

    haha, I like the Portal panties. I have too many gaming shirts now, that I think I need to stop buying them…

    Love the glasses and shoes too!


  2. Tess says:

    I’m finding you and I have the same style!! It makes me definitely want to go and do a bit of shopping… but I must have some self restraint as it’s the spirit of giving, not buying for myself!! 😀
    Though after the new year, I am totally going to take a look through Dolly Dynamite.


  3. Ashley Watts says:

    I want all of these things! I enjoy pretending I am asian all to often, you lucky asian girl you.


  4. Diane says:

    Did you end up getting any of these for Christmas?

    LOL I love the gamer underwear.


    tiff Reply:

    I only have the black hoodie under the gamer girl gear, haha. Good enough!


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