Hey guys, happy new years! I wish I had time to write a recap of 2013 (as I usually do for every year) but I was on vacation, spending the majority of the time in the bay area with my boyfriend. Here are some of the pictures I took!


We ate at Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City and had the most delicious lobster ever. The dipping sauce was pretty much all buttery butter butterific goodness…mmm mmmm mmmm. I also now know how to properly open a lobster up thanks to this place.


It seems like everybody I know is getting cats and I’m just here taking pictures of them. This is my boyfriend’s friend’s new kitty. Her name is Haru and she is absolutely a precious little thing.


Oh downtown San Francisco, why are you so stupidly packed!? And why is your Macy’s store so glamorous?


People be ice skating. Speaking of which, I’ve never went ice skating before. >_<


We went to Kingdom of Dumpling in San Francisco, and guys, this place is incredible. Don’t let this shabby small, hole-in-the-wall type of place fool you because everything in here is so good it makes me want to cry. We ordered two different dumplings–one of them was a “soup” kind where it was filled with soup broth. You would bite a small hole out of it to suck the soup in it. We also ordered garlic fried string beans and green onion fried pancake. Super amazingly delicious.


Just me and my boo in Monterey (outside of the Bay Area though), minutes before getting seated to eat some fine clam chowder.


So we were using the Google Maps app to drive back home. Oddly, Google Girl (as we’d like to call her), the voice that directs us, told us to make an exit on the freeway we were on even though we were nooooo where near close to home. We ended up driving on an off road where it seemed a little more on the country side, something that us city folks are not use to seeing. Then Google Girl made us drive back to the freeway we were originally on. Weird. Perhaps she wanted us to stop and enjoy the scenery? Either way, at least I got a good picture out of it (pic above).


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  1. Russell says:

    Thanks for coming into the Old Port Lobster Shack on your recent visit to the bay area. Hope you don’t mind that I linked your blog to our FB page (https://www.facebook.com/oplobster). It is a great picture of you and one of our star lobstahs!


    tiff Reply:

    Hi Russell,

    I don’t mind at all! Heck, I’m flattered that you even linked my blog.

    Thank you and have a Happy New Years!


  2. Tess says:

    Happy New Year to you!! Your holiday seemed fun and filled with memories and moments spent with your boo!! πŸ˜€ The dumplings look great… I seemed to have missed that when I was in San Francisco, but hopefully I will have the chance to return. I’m surprised that it was cold enough that there’s ice skating… it doesn’t look like there was snow but maybe I’m wrong!
    Wishing you all the best in the new year that 2014 will bring :)


  3. Cat says:

    Happy new year! That’s awesome that you vacationed in the bay area :) I haven’t been there in years and have been wanting to visit again.

    Oh man, that lobster looks good. A simple butter sauce is awesome with lobster! That kitty is so cute too. I wish I wasn’t allergic to cats :(

    Whoa, that Macy’s is hugeee and very pretty. Our nearby Macy’s always puts out a gigantic Christmas tree out every year. I guess they’re really into decorating for the holidays, haha.

    I love soup dumplings and green onion pancakes! They’re some of my favorite foods. I’m always on a look-out for good dumpling places!

    haha, I think that’s funny that Google led you off the freeway then back on. Usually it’s very good about directions, but sometimes we’ve gotten weird directions from it too.

    I hope you have a great 2014!


  4. Connie says:

    Happy New Year, Tiff! πŸ˜€


  5. Tiff says:

    HAHA Google Girl, no offense to her, is often wrong. Can’t tell you how many times that beeyotch told me to turn left when it was really turn right. BEETCH U CRAZY. She’s trying to destroy or something. But at least yours led you to see something purtiful. Y’all just needed a romantic off roading countryside inspiration, is all!

    I forgot how glamorous that Macy’s is during winter hahaha. It’s so beautiful & shiny…

    Bay area is so fun & I’ll bookmark that place you suggested because TIFFANYS EVERYWHERE LOVE DUMPLINGS OM NOM NOM & soup dumplings are my jamz.

    Looks like you had such a great time with yo boo.


  6. Tin says:

    Haru is the protagonist’s name in that Studio Ghibli film The Cat Returns! Nothing, I just figured maybe he got it from that film :)

    Anyway, lovely photos! They look so comforting to look at. And the lobster looks delish!!


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