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As soon as I heard that Gretch was accepting chibi commissions, I immediately contacted her to draw two different illustrations of me. I didn’t have any particular style or theme in mind, so I left it to her to imagination and creativity, and here’s what I ended up getting:
Why of course! Lazy tarepandas! This is so damn cute. I love everything about this illustration. I ended up using her as my Facebook cover photo and my page.

I’m into rollerblading so she drew one of me standing in a giant pair of rollerblades! Ahah! I’m not sure if this was coincidental or not, but I do own a pair of blue rollerblades, so the drawing is pretty accurate and awesome. I’m going to use her for my cosplay bloggy and other things.

Get yourself chibified by Gretch, people! She charges only $1.50 for each artwork which I think is way too low. For her adorable drawing skills, I really think she should charge a lot more than that. Thanks Gretch, you are exceptionally talented!


Well guys, I just got hired for a full-time job and soon, I will be able to afford things again. I can’t wait. It’s been actually quite a while since I went shopping for myself, so I’m like, really, really looking forward to buying for pleasure now that I officially became a responsible adult with a full-time job. I’m terribly nervous about it, but hey, let’s not talk about how bad my anxiety is getting–we’re here to talk about what I plan on purchasing:

1. A sewing machine: I want to be more crafty and handy. I want to be able to sew a nice skirt or a dress for myself, instead of having to buy one. Sewing looks really hard though, so who knows, maybe I’ll try it out and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll throw it out the window. So easy!

2. Computer parts to build a new computer: As someone who plays a lot of PC games, I’m really tired of having a computer with a very outdated graphics card. I’m no expert when it comes to assembling a computer together, but that’s where my boyfriend comes in.

3. A goddamn car: Ever since I learned how to drive, my dad has been very kind enough to lend me his truck…but I think it’s about time he gets it back. Poor dad. I’m not a very materialistic person (I think), so I’m not that picky. I just want a small-to-medium sized Japanese made car. I don’t care what it looks like or what color it is as long as it drives.

4. A gym pass: “But Tiff, you’re so skinny!” No. Shush. Don’t. I get this all the time but people don’t understand that exercise is good for everyone, no matter how much they weigh. Also, I’m skinny-fat–it’s not really a complaint so don’t roll your eyes, I’m just going by what UrbanDictionary says.

5. Things to prettify my new bedroom…oOOooO!!! Oh yes, I recently moved into a new master bedroom and now it’s in dire need of a makeover. Here are a few things I want to buy, badly:

TF2 Meet the Pryo poster. I already bought it actually!

Plushie taxidermy. I already have a couple but this is from a different artist.

My Little Pony anatomy. I don’t think this artist sells copies of them, he just makes one and that’s it! Uh oh.

Gundam style! HGAG XVD-XD FARSIA, apparently. Will go to my local Gundam store to get this beauty. Also, look it has flowers!!!



I just wanted to show off a few of my spectacles in a, hopefully, “artistic” manner. Oh, and the gaudy blue and turquoise necklace behind it was a recent gift (or a bonus) from my boss. I really like it! Only problem is, it’s so flashy that it’s hard for me to wear it without looking like I’m screaming, “HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK AT MY NECKLACE. LOOK AT IT. FUCKING NOW.” But I really like it! I just need to find a simple black dress or something so that it won’t clash with the necklace.

These are my gundams and they’re fabulous. I’ve only built three of them but I have a few more models waiting to be assembled. I can’t stress enough that these are NOT toys. While I was out of town for the memorial weekend, my little niece sneaked into my bedroom and played with the pink gundam. She removed one of its leg and tossed it in the trash. When asking her what she did to the leg, the two-year-old replied, condescendingly, “It’s gone. You’re not going to have it back.”

God, I was so furious I almost cried because of a two-year-old. But like the reasonable auntie I was, I knew I had only myself to blame for letting such a delicate figurine to be easily reached by a toddler. Also, I later found the missing leg while going through the trash (the gundam gods are on my side!)

While we’re on the topic of gundams, I decided to illustrate one of my favorite one. I wanted to use it for my next blog layout sooo bad but I can’t think of a good WordPress theme style-majigger that would go well with the image. Creative juices, I need them.