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Woo, we have a lot of catching up to do. I hate neglecting my blog like this because then I’d have to try to cram everything into one entry. Ew, messy! But this is what happens when you take up a lot of hobbies and you have a cool job that sends you to different states for conventions every other week. Last July, I worked at two local-ish conventions.

The first convention was Anime Expo, let me show you some pictures!


Next, was the usual San Diego Comic-Con. Luckily, I had the weekend off so I was able to dress up in the costume I made and watch cool panels.

Last Feburary (damn that was long ago), I made you guys guess which character I was going to cosplay in this image:


Now can you guess which one I ended up picking? ūüėČ

ashashash pixie pixie2

Here I am in my Gloomy Bear kigurumi, which I bought at Anime Expo and decided to wear for SDCC.


Dammnit, I love bears. Hmmm…sounds like somebody needs to update their layout/header again, amirite?

For this month of August, I am flying out to two other conventions. Hopefully, I will be better at updating them separately instead of cramming them all into one entry.

Until next time, I miss my blogger friends!


If you haven’t been following my Instagram and/ Facebook, then you might not know how much I’ve been creeping my friends out lately. I recently got a pair of black sclera FX contact lenses for my cosplay stuff, from FX Eyes. I’m certainly no stranger to wearing theatrical contact lenses, but I’ve never worn the kind where it covers the entire frontal portion of your eyeball.


So naturally, I was scared as shit to try them on for the first time, but once you get it passed your eyelid, everything else is smooth sailing. The process of inserting them into your eye might appear painful (video below) but it actually feels surprisingly nice.


Yeah check me out! This is what nightmares are made of, bitches. Sorry that was rude of me. I know better than that. These are super comfortable by the way. Oddly, a lot more comfortable than the past, regular-sized theatrical contact lenses I’ve worn.

If you’re curious to see how I put them in, check out this video. I rarely record myself so savor this moment where you can actually watch me move and make naturally ugly expressions!


Finally, WonderCon is over and that means I can go back to blogging a little bit more often until San Diego Comic-Con starts creepin’ up…and then it’s crunch time again. For the past week, I’ve worked my ass off to get my costume done in time for WonderCon. I was so damn close to finishing until I had to sew something. Yeah, sewing is not my forte. I decided to not rush my costume and instead take some time to learn the basics of sewing. Man, I hate sewing.


Oh yeah, so where as I? Right. WonderCon in Anaheim! This was my first time going to WonderCon. It’s like most other video game & comic book conventions, but still very fun nonetheless.


One of the highlights of this event was getting to see David Yost (Billy from The Power Rangers). This guy was part of a show that I’ve loved and watched¬†religiously as a young child. To be able to stand just a few feet away from the original Blue Ranger himself was still rather¬†mind-blowing¬†to me.


A few tables next to David Yost’s is the Soup Nazi! Holy shite! Anyone who has watched Seinfeld before should know how¬†absolutely¬†phenomenal¬†this is. The Soup Nazi has his own booth. There are t-shirts, giant soup soups and hats that says “No soup for you!”


I went on a Sunday so as expected, the cosplays were more toned down and/ half-assed. Though, there were some that really stood out from the rest, costumes that made you say “Dayum, das tight,” such as Nightwing and Cable (whom, at the time I thought was an older version of Cyclops…I’m a dolt!).


And speaking of cosplay, here’s my progress so far. I’ve gotten a lot done–if I can’t finish this in time for SDCC then well, I suck.