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Soo, I’m sick and I’m a little bitter about it because the last time I was sick was about a year ago. I never had to call in sick for work for about a year until last week. My streak has been broken and all I have is BlizzCon to blame for.

…but it was totally worth it! BlizzCon happened on November 7th and I pretty much had the time of my life. God, I love that convention. Can’t beat it. Lately, I’ve only been updating this blog when I have a new cosplay to show and tell, and this entry ain’t no exception. I have a new cosplay and I’m here to share it with whoever still reads my blog (by the way thank you to those who still subscribe to my blog. I, I get distracted easily).

Back to my Jubilee cosplay post, I mentioned that I was most likely going to do a character from Heroes of the Storm alpha for BlizzCon, and I totally ended up doing it! So y’all, I made Wrath Sonya. She’s the incredibly badass barbarian from Diablo 3 and she’s also in the Hereos game that I just mentioned. She has about 2-3 different skins and I’m doing dis one:

3 2 1

Photo credits (in order of appearance): Morten Skovgaard Photography, Eurobeat Kasumi Photography, and OKSphoto.

Not going to lie, it is weird to see my hobby transition from blogging 24/7 to making cosplay 24/7. I hate that I can’t really juggle the two. When I’m interested in something, I like to focus my attention to one thing. Otherwise, the quality might not be as good if I tried to distribute my attention to different things.

Perhaps, when I’m too old to cosplay (if that even is such a thing) I’ll go back to my original blogging self. :)


Guys, if you’re not following my Instagram or Facebook then you’re missing out on me being a superhero like, all the time! It’s ok though. I’m covering all of my bases and posting them here in this sad and lonely neglected blog that I have.

This costume was debuted in San Diego Comic-Con 2014. This is one of the older versions of Psylocke. I cosplayed with the Stylish Geek who was also another old version of Psylocke. If you guys like both nerdy things and fashion, you would definitely enjoy her blog. Just fyi. ^_^


Dat brickwall tho.


Jedi mind tricks on your ass.


Purple and pink is a good color combo, no? :D


Hey folks, long time no blog (as usual :-/). So like, I attended WonderCon last weekend, went as Jubilee from X-Men last weekend.


Pew Pew.


‘Cause baby you’re a firework.


I wanted to make something new for San Diego Comic-Con this year as well but I think I should save money and and save it for whatever I’m going to make for BlizzCon. There’s a very high chance I’m going to do something from Heroes of the Storm which isn’t even in beta yet, but I love this game so much (I have the alpha version) that I’ll probably discuss more about it in the near future entires.

For whatever reason, I think I’m starting to get back into blogging. Sometimes, the blogging switch in my brain decides to turn on and then turns off for a couple of months. I have no control over it. *shrugs*