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“Geez, Tiff, the only time you update your blog is when you want something!”

The entire Dolly Dynamite store

I enjoy being Asian and looking like one. This online store has practically been calling out to me to buy more of its ridiculously adorable clothes and shoes! Ugh, so cute.

Classy, vintage-style clothing

When I’m not dressing up in a cute kitty sweater with a cute pair of kitty stockings, I’m typically in more a retro get-up because I love looking like a lady (sometimes I end up looking like an old lady, but whatevz).


Ok but seriously though, sometimes you don’t care about looking super fabulous and you just want to relax and wear a t-shirt and baseball cap to cover your oily hair that you haven’t washed in weeks–while representing the video games (and YouTube channel) you love.

And more things! >_<

Here are a few more random things that don’t quite fit the categories above…

Hologram top and skirt: I’m not quite entirely sure where I would wear this too, but I do know that I need a hologram outfit.

Kitty Anatomy: Jason Freeny is an incredible artist that tends to make really beautiful figurines that suits my twisted taste.

The cutest glasses ever: This is made by SEE Eyewear, my #1 favorite brand for glasses. I really want the first frame on the left!

Fancy running shoes: My current Nike shoes are ripped up and has holes in them. I must upgrade to a fancy running shoe. It’s the only way.

The most amazing sunglasses ever: There are no words for me to describe how much I adore these sparking shades.


Whenever I’m having a good hair day, I usually snap a couple of pictures of myself right before I head out and then post them on here afterwards, but it looks like I’ve missed quite a few pictures. Well, today, you’re in luck. Behold, a post of my past cam-whoring adventures:


It seems like my hair decided to grow out overnight so it ain’t that short no more. Looking at this picture really makes me want to cut it short again, but I’m sure I will by the end of the year (gotta grow it long enough to donate it first!).


I guess this is just me, trying to be a rad 80’s girl.


That’s Mrs. Cool Guy to you.


I really love this dress. This use to be my boss’s dress until she didn’t want it anymore. I also can’t breathe in this dress.


Not sure what I was thinking with this hairdo, but do I ever think with hairdo?




Besides my current extremely stressful situation at work, outside of work, I’m having the best week evvaarrrrrrr! How come, you ask? Well first off, my good friend Pris recently got an adorable new kitty who goes by the name of Calypso:


I’m loving how a lot of my friends are getting cats these days. I can play and snuggle with them, without having the responsibility of taking care of them. It’s like playing with other people’s cute babies and passing them back to the parents when they start poopin’. Though, cats can really take care of themselves–I’d love to have one of my own in the future.

Secondly, Pris and I went to see Lady Gaga perform last Sunday. When I went to her concert two years ago, I dressed up as skull face gaga and this year, we sort of went as some sort of heavy metal hookers from outer space or whatever Gaga wore in her Judas video.


That woman really knows how to put on a hell of a good show, and despite what other’s may think, you can really tell how much she appreciates and loves her fans. And while we’re on the topic of concerts, I will also be seeing Muse this Thursday.


And third, I decided to splurge and purchase my FIRST, EVER REAL SMARTPHONE, the iphone 4! I’ve hated on smartphones in the past, but I think it’s because I bought a cheaply made one before where the battery life was only good for a few hours and the performance was slow and laggy. Now, I fee like I’m ready to tackle the world, with one app at a time. YEAH!