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Hey guys, happy new years! I wish I had time to write a recap of 2013 (as I usually do for every year) but I was on vacation, spending the majority of the time in the bay area with my boyfriend. Here are some of the pictures I took!


We ate at Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City and had the most delicious lobster ever. The dipping sauce was pretty much all buttery butter butterific goodness…mmm mmmm mmmm. I also now know how to properly open a lobster up thanks to this place.


It seems like everybody I know is getting cats and I’m just here taking pictures of them. This is my boyfriend’s friend’s new kitty. Her name is Haru and she is absolutely a precious little thing.


Oh downtown San Francisco, why are you so stupidly packed!? And why is your Macy’s store so glamorous?


People be ice skating. Speaking of which, I’ve never went ice skating before. >_<


We went to Kingdom of Dumpling in San Francisco, and guys, this place is incredible. Don’t let this shabby small, hole-in-the-wall type of place fool you because everything in here is so good it makes me want to cry. We ordered two different dumplings–one of them was a “soup” kind where it was filled with soup broth. You would bite a small hole out of it to suck the soup in it. We also ordered garlic fried string beans and green onion fried pancake. Super amazingly delicious.


Just me and my boo in Monterey (outside of the Bay Area though), minutes before getting seated to eat some fine clam chowder.


So we were using the Google Maps app to drive back home. Oddly, Google Girl (as we’d like to call her), the voice that directs us, told us to make an exit on the freeway we were on even though we were nooooo where near close to home. We ended up driving on an off road where it seemed a little more on the country side, something that us city folks are not use to seeing. Then Google Girl made us drive back to the freeway we were originally on. Weird. Perhaps she wanted us to stop and enjoy the scenery? Either way, at least I got a good picture out of it (pic above).


Yep. I’m quite proud to say that I did stuff on the weekends. Lots of stuff. I made sure to take pictures as well to document the funnitude. This entry’s a bit picture-heavy, but hopefully you won’t be bored!


Went out with my two closest buddies, Jules and Pris, to try shaved snow for the first time. This is seriously the best thing I’ve ever tried this year. The “snow” is so light and delicate that it almost feels like you’re only eating cold air…delicious cold air. This is the best thing to eat for the summer.


The place is called Snow Station. We ordered two large plates and I went again with my boyfriend on Sunday to eat them again. :-X


So Pris rides a motorcycle now (I know, right!?). When I was watching her getting ready to go home after our fun filled snow-noming adventures, I had to snap a picture of her in her glorious biker form.



Went to my nephew and niece’s communion, then had dim sum with my family afterwards.



This was the last day of Renaissance Faire, so my boyfriend and I decided to go. I can’t believe this is already my 5th year attending, and I still love going there every time. Most people who dress up are so damn into it and they’re really nice and friendly. They love getting their pictures taken (with all of that work they put into their costumes, you’d be too), and I love taking pictures of them. It all works out!

You can check out the rest of the photos at the Flickr!



Now that I have my bacon post out of the way, I can post the rest of my Thanksgiving. I did have the usual food typically served for Thanksgiving and it all tasted wonderful. For desserts, we had peach pie, pumpkin pie and tiramisu.

The following day, I participated in the Black Friday sales by waking up around 5 AM to go to Micro Center. Getting there really early was totally worth it because we were ahead of so many people. As soon as the store was open, the long line of nerds started to move forward and I automatically noticed two guys cut in line, really casually, in front of two women who were a few people ahead of us. What made it really annoying was that those two women were oblivious and did nothing to serve justice for us victims standing behind them, who actually woke up early and waited in line.

People, don’t fregin’ let strangers cut in front of you, especially when they’re not cutting behind me. If you see someone trying to get into your spot, simply tap on their shoulders and say “the end of the line is that way.” You don’t even have to be mean about it. I should have approached them had I known the derpiness of these two women. Oh well, I can only hope that those two cutters will get arthritis in the future or something (I kid! I kid!).

Anyway, what matters is that I got what I wanted, for very good deals. I got the latest and greaters computer parts. Once I have all the parts I need, Matt will help me build a fancy new computer so I can finally play video games with high graphic definition and load up other programs really fast (we’re talkin turbo fast).