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Soo, I’m sick and I’m a little bitter about it because the last time I was sick was about a year ago. I never had to call in sick for work for about a year until last week. My streak has been broken and all I have is BlizzCon to blame for.

…but it was totally worth it! BlizzCon happened on November 7th and I pretty much had the time of my life. God, I love that convention. Can’t beat it. Lately, I’ve only been updating this blog when I have a new cosplay to show and tell, and this entry ain’t no exception. I have a new cosplay and I’m here to share it with whoever still reads my blog (by the way thank you to those who still subscribe to my blog. I, I get distracted easily).

Back to my Jubilee cosplay post, I mentioned that I was most likely going to do a character from Heroes of the Storm alpha for BlizzCon, and I totally ended up doing it! So y’all, I made Wrath Sonya. She’s the incredibly badass barbarian from Diablo 3 and she’s also in the Hereos game that I just mentioned. She has about 2-3 different skins and I’m doing dis one:

3 2 1

Photo credits (in order of appearance): Morten Skovgaard Photography, Eurobeat Kasumi Photography, and OKSphoto.

Not going to lie, it is weird to see my hobby transition from blogging 24/7 to making cosplay 24/7. I hate that I can’t really juggle the two. When I’m interested in something, I like to focus my attention to one thing. Otherwise, the quality might not be as good if I tried to distribute my attention to different things.

Perhaps, when I’m too old to cosplay (if that even is such a thing) I’ll go back to my original blogging self. :)


Last month, I did my first ever cosplay photoshoot with Tom Hicks! Thought I’d share some of these awesome photos with guys. I was very limited in posing so I hope these photos don’t appear too stagnant. Though I think the quality of these photos with the awesome background, lighting and fire (FIRE!) really makes up for the lack of variety in poses.


Cosplay is now such a big part of my life, heck, it’s in a way, my fill-time job (not as a cosplayer but working for a cosplay retailer). Most of my hobbies come and go, but this one has stayed with me since 2009.




I’m looking forward to starting on new costumes for the new year. I hope to step out of my comfort zone and start sewing because I reeeeeally want to use more fabric!



“Geez, Tiff, the only time you update your blog is when you want something!”

The entire Dolly Dynamite store

I enjoy being Asian and looking like one. This online store has practically been calling out to me to buy more of its ridiculously adorable clothes and shoes! Ugh, so cute.

Classy, vintage-style clothing

When I’m not dressing up in a cute kitty sweater with a cute pair of kitty stockings, I’m typically in more a retro get-up because I love looking like a lady (sometimes I end up looking like an old lady, but whatevz).


Ok but seriously though, sometimes you don’t care about looking super fabulous and you just want to relax and wear a t-shirt and baseball cap to cover your oily hair that you haven’t washed in weeks–while representing the video games (and YouTube channel) you love.

And more things! >_<

Here are a few more random things that don’t quite fit the categories above…

Hologram top and skirt: I’m not quite entirely sure where I would wear this too, but I do know that I need a hologram outfit.

Kitty Anatomy: Jason Freeny is an incredible artist that tends to make really beautiful figurines that suits my twisted taste.

The cutest glasses ever: This is made by SEE Eyewear, my #1 favorite brand for glasses. I really want the first frame on the left!

Fancy running shoes: My current Nike shoes are ripped up and has holes in them. I must upgrade to a fancy running shoe. It’s the only way.

The most amazing sunglasses ever: There are no words for me to describe how much I adore these sparking shades.