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This use to be a funny-sounding word until the entire internet started using it for every innocuous and mundane activity. I see it just about everywhere in Facebook statuses, picture captions and Instagram bios. It’s a bummer when a special word gets used so loosely that it has become exceptionally annoying to read and hear.

No. You did not get into shenanigans last night when alls you did was hung out with your friends and laugh hysterically about sharing your favorite episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

No. I won’t follow your Instagram profile because it’s apparently “full of shenanigans” when it only consist of selfies, food, and the occasional airplane window.

Just stahp. Y’all are making me sad.

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Dear family, friends and acquaintances,  if you can just stop asking me these questions, forever, that’d be great. Thanks.

Q: “Why do you need to wear braces? It looks like your teeth are already straight.” (When I had braces)

A: It means that the braces are working, and without them, my teeth wouldn’t have been straight in the first place.

Q: “Why do you need to exercise? You’re already skinny!”

A: I’m not doing it to lose weight, I’m doing it to stay healthy and build some muscle in various parts of my body.

Q: “When are you getting married?”

A: When are you going to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?

Q: “Have you finished school yet?” / “What university did you attend?”

A: I never did.

Q: “How much money do you make?”

A: No.


Thank you Gretch for tagging me! I’ve always wanted to be “tagged” by another blogger and now I finally get to be a part of this taggity taggathon thingy. Here are your “rules”:

1.Post 5 “faces” – different expressions, different situations, different moods.
2.Tag 5 friends.
3.Link back to the person who tagged you.
4.Have fun~!

And fun I shall have!

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Tagging VikkiJazmynDenise, Helga and Gabi. AND anyone else who wants to do it. I want to see more of these on the internet!