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Sleeping underneath your blankets during cold weather. I already love sleeping as it is, but when the weather is freezing and you’re all snuggling deep into your warm blankets, sleeping becomes 10x more wonderful (and another 10x if you get to sleep in). If I wasn’t so paranoid about possible burglars and rapists, I’d leave my windows open to allow more of the cold to get in.

Taking your bra off after a hard days’ work. As soon as I go home at the end of the day, the very first thing I do is unhook the boob-huggers. It just feels damn giggity-good to be free.

Picking a booger that doesn’t want to leave. Yeah yeah, picking is unattractive and downright gross but there are just some stubborn ass boogers that cannot be removed unless you used your own bare fingers. These little guys feel like they’re rooted to your nose hair, and when you succeed in picking one out, it feels like giving birth to a child minus the pain. Sadly, I only get them a few times a year.

Spooning/getting spooned. Because intimacy is simply quite nice.

When it’s raining and you get to stay home. I despise the rain when I have to go out, but I love the rain when I get to be indoors all day. The perfect rainy day would involve popping a movie in, whilst enjoying a hot cup of cocoa, snugglin’  in yo blanket and hearing the rain from outside. I love that shit (who doesn’t?).

Getting your hair washed at the hair salon. Uggggghhhhh…head massages are the best. I don’t go to the salon often, but when I do, the part I look forward to the most is when I get to plop my head over the sink as the hairstylist gets to thoroughly rinse out my hair. It feels wonderful. Even when someone is playing with my hair, my scalp still feels it and secretly loves it.

Cleaning out your ears with a cotton bud after showering. The dirtier the better.

Eating Doritos when you’re hanging out in a swimming pool. For some odd reason, most chips (particular Doritos) tastes a lot better to me when I’m swimming. I use to bring a bag of Doritos and set them at the edge of the pool. And after every couple of times of doing laps, flipping and having an underwater tea party, I’d stuff some Doritos in my mouth. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. Both my sister and her husband are now Doritos-eating swimmers all thanks to me.

Taking a nap right after eating a big Thanksgiving meal. Yup, this is totally what I have planned for tomorrow Thanksgiving. I hear that it’s “bad” for you to go to sleep or lay down after eating a big meal, but damnit, it’s Thanksgiving. I don’t care.

That said, I hope everybody is going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!


My family members and relatives practically share a common interest that sometimes annoys me. For every purchase I make, for every service I pay for, the first and only thing they ask me is “How much was it?” I always try my best to dodge the question because if I give them the real price, I would probably get unnecessary amounts of complaints about how I could’ve gotten it cheaper if I waited for their sale or that it’s too damn expensive.

I don’t think I’m that careless with how I spend my money, I just simply don’t care for saving money unless I reach to a point where I’m unable to pay my bills or I have to save up for my wedding or something. I value quality and great service over anything. I never bargain and ask for discounts, because as someone who works in a small business, I like supporting other small businesses.

Obviously, saving money and finding good deals is just as important if not more. I usually don’t have the patience for it, but I give mad props to people who can turn their total of $100 worth of groceries to $5 by using all of the coupons they’ve clipped every Sunday.

When it comes to your health though, I think it’s worth it to spend a little more. A friend once mentioned to me about how there was a Groupon deal where you can get your teeth cleaned just for $20. That kind of price will lower your expectations. You can lower your expectations of a movie you’re going to watch, but not of a dentist who’s going to do things to your teeth.

Same with tattoos–I don’t think I’d ever get one but during one of my lunch breaks, I recently overheard someone say to their friend, “$80!? You could’ve gotten that kind of tattoo done for $30.” How about I get my tattoo done where I know the needles will be sterilized?

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“If you stop touching your face, you’ll stop getting acne” – Upon hearing that from a highschool classmate, I became paranoid about my face being touched ever since. I’m sure it’s not entirely true but I never had a major acne problem (yet) and if you think about it, hands are really disgusting since we use it to touch the same things (phone, door knob, keyboard, etc), so the last thing I want it to touch is my own face. I get pissed off when people touch my face but the only person who can touch it is my boyfriend. It feels nice when he does. xD

“If someone is talking bad about you, pretend they are dogs so their words are nothing but barking” – Indifference is truly the greatest insult. I  haven’t had “beef” with somebody since  literally junior high. And all the people who have tried to start drama with me, I just say “NOPE” and go about my business. I don’t have time for “dogs” and whatever they’re yippity yapping about, you know?

“In an argument, people who yell, yell because they are losing their power. People who talk calmly are confident and know they’re in control” – As a kid, I’ve thought people who yelled at you were intimidating and powerful, but after hearing those wise words from my drama teacher, it changed my whole perspective of them. As someone who now deals with a lot of customers on a daily basis, I usually keep my cool no matter how irate the customers can act towards me (unless they get physical). Plus, if you witness two people in a confrontation, which one looks more crazy: the one who’s raising their voice or the one who’s not?

“If you keep on saying ‘fuck’ it loses its sting” – In high school, I use to drop f-bombs a lot because I thought I sounded cool. Now I would try to only say it if I’m genuinely angry or have a deep hatred towards somebody because I want that f-word to mean it! If you know somebody who uses that word casually, it’s not going to have an effect on you if they say it to try to insult you, because that word is part of their everyday vocabulary. Now, if my super Catholic mom told me to fuck off, I’d probably cry like a baby.

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