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Oy, what’s become of me?

I once blogged here nearly every other day and it has trickled down to updating once a month. I don’t like being inconsistent like this but I am only human, and being human, I am easily distracted by other things.  What other things, you ask?

1. Instagram


It’s possible that if I never signed up for an Instagram account, I’d be here on this blog more often. It’s a terrible because Instagram isn’t really for blogging either. It’s mainly for pictures and yet, it has kept from updating my blog consistently. The majority of my Instagram uploads also automatically posts to my Tumblr, and for that, I’m getting significantly more followers on both Instagram and Tumblr.

Gaining followers isn’t everything but it does give me motivation to be on those sites more often. I’ve had this blog for 5+ years and have gained a little over 100 subscribers, whereas my six-month-old Instagram profile has already gained 100+ followers.

2. Crafting armor / Cosplay!


I started cosplaying in 2009 but have only created costumes about every other year. This year and last year, I’ve been making a little more and have been enjoying every minute of it. For the current costume I’m working on, it’s going to be a little more armor-heavy and it’s my most ambitious project thus far. I hope I will be able to debut it for Blizzcon 2013. Fingers crossed!

3. Hearthstone beta


Hearthstone is an online strategy card game and it’s hella-freakin’ addictive and fun as hell. I can’t wait when this game gets released to the public because the world needs to play this.

4. Lifting weights/ Hitting the gym


I’ve recently got myself a personal trainer because I’m lazy and need a real ass-whoopin’. I’ve tried exercising in the past and have always given up after two weeks, simply because all I’ve been doing is cardio, and cardio is quite the snorefest for me. My personal trainer has introduced me to weight-lifting and I’ve been hooked on it ever since.

Grrrr, look at me, muscles!!!!

Despite all of these distractions, I don’t think I can never make myself close this blog. I’ve had it for way too long and I’ll keep it running to the end.


Dear family, friends and acquaintances,  if you can just stop asking me these questions, forever, that’d be great. Thanks.

Q: “Why do you need to wear braces? It looks like your teeth are already straight.” (When I had braces)

A: It means that the braces are working, and without them, my teeth wouldn’t have been straight in the first place.

Q: “Why do you need to exercise? You’re already skinny!”

A: I’m not doing it to lose weight, I’m doing it to stay healthy and build some muscle in various parts of my body.

Q: “When are you getting married?”

A: When are you going to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?

Q: “Have you finished school yet?” / “What university did you attend?”

A: I never did.

Q: “How much money do you make?”

A: No.


Yep. I’m quite proud to say that I did stuff on the weekends. Lots of stuff. I made sure to take pictures as well to document the funnitude. This entry’s a bit picture-heavy, but hopefully you won’t be bored!


Went out with my two closest buddies, Jules and Pris, to try shaved snow for the first time. This is seriously the best thing I’ve ever tried this year. The “snow” is so light and delicate that it almost feels like you’re only eating cold air…delicious cold air. This is the best thing to eat for the summer.


The place is called Snow Station. We ordered two large plates and I went again with my boyfriend on Sunday to eat them again. :-X


So Pris rides a motorcycle now (I know, right!?). When I was watching her getting ready to go home after our fun filled snow-noming adventures, I had to snap a picture of her in her glorious biker form.



Went to my nephew and niece’s communion, then had dim sum with my family afterwards.



This was the last day of Renaissance Faire, so my boyfriend and I decided to go. I can’t believe this is already my 5th year attending, and I still love going there every time. Most people who dress up are so damn into it and they’re really nice and friendly. They love getting their pictures taken (with all of that work they put into their costumes, you’d be too), and I love taking pictures of them. It all works out!

You can check out the rest of the photos at the Flickr!