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“Geez, Tiff, the only time you update your blog is when you want something!”

The entire Dolly Dynamite store

I enjoy being Asian and looking like one. This online store has practically been calling out to me to buy more of its ridiculously adorable clothes and shoes! Ugh, so cute.

Classy, vintage-style clothing

When I’m not dressing up in a cute kitty sweater with a cute pair of kitty stockings, I’m typically in more a retro get-up because I love looking like a lady (sometimes I end up looking like an old lady, but whatevz).


Ok but seriously though, sometimes you don’t care about looking super fabulous and you just want to relax and wear a t-shirt and baseball cap to cover your oily hair that you haven’t washed in weeks–while representing the video games (and YouTube channel) you love.

And more things! >_<

Here are a few more random things that don’t quite fit the categories above…

Hologram top and skirt: I’m not quite entirely sure where I would wear this too, but I do know that I need a hologram outfit.

Kitty Anatomy: Jason Freeny is an incredible artist that tends to make really beautiful figurines that suits my twisted taste.

The cutest glasses ever: This is made by SEE Eyewear, my #1 favorite brand for glasses. I really want the first frame on the left!

Fancy running shoes: My current Nike shoes are ripped up and has holes in them. I must upgrade to a fancy running shoe. It’s the only way.

The most amazing sunglasses ever: There are no words for me to describe how much I adore these sparking shades.


Oh dear. Trust me when I say I unintentionally ordered two of the same glasses but in different colors. I wasn’t even planning to make a post about my new pair of glasses until I unexpectedly received another pair of frames about a week later. There was a “mix-up” in the order, but I’m such an easygoing/lazy person that I decided to drop the idea of looking into how to return one back and just keep both of them instead.


Versace has really stepped up in their frame designs. I’ve grown to love frames with unique patterns on them because you just don’t see it that often.


Here I am, wearing the brown one because I think I like the brown a little bit more because the patterns are bolder BECAUSE because. I also decided to grow my bangs out because my forehead wanted to breathe for once. Yup, that is all.


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Ya, I sorta like wearing glasses. I don’t see them as an inconvenience, yet, but more as an accessory to my face. No matter how strict the dress code is or how I’m required to wear a uniform at work, I can still wear whatever the hell kind of glasses I want. I can still show off a little bit of my own personal style that way, which is why I don’t mind having the eyesight of a bat. I’ve been wearing glasses since middle school, so I’ve had quite a grand collection of glasses to wear in the past. Oh, and add to the fact that I’m an optician, so I guess you can say I get some pretty sweet deals.

2006 — After I got hired by my previous optometrist, he told me I could pick out a pair of glasses for free. I ended up picking a simple pair that was magenta with a metallic shine to it. So rad.

2007 — This was the start of my interest in bigger, black frames and generic hipster glasses. At the time, none of the designer brands made any thick rimmed black glasses, so the closest I ever got was to picking out a frame that were made for men.

2008 — What’s cool about these is they have a “chain link” on the sides of the temples. One of our patients bought the same thing, she ended up breaking her’s and was not able to replace them because they were discontinued. I ended up giving her mine, and now, I miss them.

2008 — I was ready to stay away from the black frames and start moving towards red.

2009 — At the time, I was looking for retro glasses so I got these Ray-Bans. Shortly after, I wanted to move on to cat-eye frames but I had a tough time trying to look for a brand that carried them. With no luck, I looked up vintage online stores and purchased an actual vintage pair, but they were all so small.

2009/10? — Yay, I found my cat-eye glasses! These are, to date, the most expensive frames I had ever bought ($300) and my #1 favorite of all. I continue to wear them to this day because they are the most comfortable and fitting glasses I have ever worn. The quality is superb because these glasses went through so much for the past four years yet the condition still looks brand new (SEE Eyewear, your frames are awfully expensive but they are so worth it).

2011 — I wanted to level up and purchase some extreme cat-eye glasses so I bought Tom Fords which were originally sunglasses. Getting them was a bad idea because they aren’t comfortable as prescription glasses at all.

2011 — Getting this was also a bad idea, as it didn’t work with my Asian yellowish skin tone and the frame itself was also yellow-ish. They ended up blending too much together.

2012 — I wanted happy, bright colors but sadly, this didn’t work for my skin tone either. Having yellow skin can be a bummer sometimes.

2012 — The most recent style. It’s only just the beginning of my quest to find more transparent frames. I already have two so far *grins*.

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