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Hey guys, happy new years! I wish I had time to write a recap of 2013 (as I usually do for every year) but I was on vacation, spending the majority of the time in the bay area with my boyfriend. Here are some of the pictures I took!


We ate at Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City and had the most delicious lobster ever. The dipping sauce was pretty much all buttery butter butterific goodness…mmm mmmm mmmm. I also now know how to properly open a lobster up thanks to this place.


It seems like everybody I know is getting cats and I’m just here taking pictures of them. This is my boyfriend’s friend’s new kitty. Her name is Haru and she is absolutely a precious little thing.


Oh downtown San Francisco, why are you so stupidly packed!? And why is your Macy’s store so glamorous?


People be ice skating. Speaking of which, I’ve never went ice skating before. >_<


We went to Kingdom of Dumpling in San Francisco, and guys, this place is incredible. Don’t let this shabby small, hole-in-the-wall type of place fool you because everything in here is so good it makes me want to cry. We ordered two different dumplings–one of them was a “soup” kind where it was filled with soup broth. You would bite a small hole out of it to suck the soup in it. We also ordered garlic fried string beans and green onion fried pancake. Super amazingly delicious.


Just me and my boo in Monterey (outside of the Bay Area though), minutes before getting seated to eat some fine clam chowder.


So we were using the Google Maps app to drive back home. Oddly, Google Girl (as we’d like to call her), the voice that directs us, told us to make an exit on the freeway we were on even though we were nooooo where near close to home. We ended up driving on an off road where it seemed a little more on the country side, something that us city folks are not use to seeing. Then Google Girl made us drive back to the freeway we were originally on. Weird. Perhaps she wanted us to stop and enjoy the scenery? Either way, at least I got a good picture out of it (pic above).


We were invited to spend the weekend at Palm Desert with our friends and we had a brast! It was my first time visiting a “desert” city and after spending my weekend in an extremely hot town, I can now say that I became stronger and no longer feel intolerant of the “heat” that we get here in Orange County. The heat is beyond ridiculous in Palm Desert, guys. Imagine being in an incredibly stuffy room with no doors or windows to open–that is Palm Desert, 24/7.

Thank you Rory & Sonny for inviting us!

Our resort was beautiful. It had air conditioner. Each room has a patio and when you go outside, you’ll sometimes catch bunnies and/ roadrunners just hanging out in the grass. We had one big bedroom and next door was the kitchen, living room and an extra bedroom. The showers were amazing…with the only minor issue that I used one of their towels to wipe my face and eventually noticed a spider on it, possibly a brown recluse (but I’m not entirely sure, I didn’t have glasses on). Instead of freaking out (which I normally do), I was surprisingly laid back because hey, I’m not going to let shit stress me out while I’m on vacation. I smooshed it with a tissue  and continued to dry myself with the towel that the spider use to live in (hey, it’s the desert).

Dere’s my honeybunny sleeping like the delicate flower he is.

All the food we had over the weekend did not disappoint. Before we left for Palm Desert, we had Japanese. I had the spicy tuna bowl. I wasn’t going to post the picture here since it wasn’t at Palm Desert, but it was so delicious I’m going to be a rebel and just post it anyway!

We hiked up in the mountains. I had such a kickass workout out of it that I’m actually more motivated than ever to get off my ass and start getting more active. There were rocks I wanted to climb to get a couple of good scenic pictures but my boyfriend didn’t want me to fall and break my ankle or something, so I guess I wasn’t allowed to. :( But these pictures will do.

Besides hiking and getting fat. We napped a lot in the middle of the day (hey, it’s the desert) and hung out in the pool. What a life. Also, T-Rex:


Phew! We are finally back from our trip to France and of course it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t post about the trip without any pictures to share! I have lots of pictures, and I’ll only post a few of my favorite ones (for the rest of the photos you can go to my Flickr).

Palace of Versailles

Before I start, I should probably mention that I bought an expensive camera at the very last minute (two days before I left). I was so tempted to buy a better camera for this trip because I knew France had lots of beautiful places and monuments, that taking photos there with my standard point-and-shoot wasn’t going to suffice. My impulsiveness and hunger to take quality photos had lead me to give in and purchase the Olympus Pen E-PL2. I first heard about this delightful little camera from Becca’s and Jenny’s blog, though at the time, I was never planning to purchase it, just to oogle over it really.

After reading the reviews (like one or two quick glances–I was impulsive and running out of time!), I knew this camera would fit my preferences; I still wanted a point-and-shoot camera, but a more glorified version of it. It doesn’t hurt that the camera looks insanely cute as well. I also purchased a cute rainbow stripped camera strap for extra cuteness.


Since there are going to be a lot of pictures I’m about to post, I tried my best to organize them so it won’t look like I’m jumping all over the place.

Table of Contents
I. Hovering in France
II. Food & Drinks
III. The Wedding
IV. Conlusion

I. Hovering in France

When my boyfriend and I first went out to do our tourist-y things, the first thing we went to was the Palace of Versailles. He took a picture of me standing in front of their golden gates. The problem was, I was standing. It was such an awkward feeling, I was completely clueless on how I wanted to pose. I didn’t know where to place my hands or how my body should look so I decided to hover for most of the pictures.

When in doubt, just hover. Pictures like that turn out to be way cooler anyway.


Louvre Museum

II. Food & Drinks!

Their milk tastes absolutely incredible and almost everything else. It’s far more delicious than the milk we drink in the states. Our milk feels and taste more watered-down and bland. I can also say the same for their most of their meat, chocolates, wine, bread and cheese. I’m also very, very, very impressed with the pho we had in Paris. The flavors were much more intense and flavorful. Their eggrolls were light and crispy and their Vietnamese iced coffee was extremely delicious and strong. I’m definitely going to miss the food here.

Roasted chicken straight out from the farm. It lived a good life.


Delicious Northen African sandwich

III. The Wedding

We attended one of my boyfriend’s friend’s wedding, which was in Normandy. Normandy is definitely the opposite of Paris. It’s REALLY rural. I don’t think the residents there even know what the internet is. I’ve never been to a countryside before so it was certainly a pleasant change of scenery. The wedding was beautiful and extravagant compared to all the other weddings I’ve ever attended. For me, it was seriously like going to Disneyland for the first time when you’re a kid.

Dig this: For the reception, the servers passed out all sorts of delicious appetizers. There were raw oysters, foie gras, raw salmon, pastries and a bunch of other fancy little things I had no idea I was eating, but it was soooo good that I wanted to cry out of pure happiness. The next day, there was a “wedding” lunch, where they had all-you-can-eat crepes. I ate a whopping total 4 crepes. Yes, it was that good.

We stayed at a manor! I didn’t know what a manor was until now.

The wedding car

IV. Conclusion

Overall, this has been such a wonderful trip and I am most grateful to have a boyfriend who practically translated everything for me and gave me a comprehensive tour of Paris and everything around it. He’s such a good sport. The only thing I regret is not charging my camera battery in time only because there was a point where it died and it resulted in me missing out on taking potentially sexy photos of models wearing vintage burlesque dresses and lingerie when we attended a photo art exhibit party (doh!).

Park of Versailles

Again, check out my Flickr gallery if you’re interested in seeing the rest of ’em!