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After a month of being sick, I’m finally starting to feel better. I mean yeah, I still cough like an old hag but it’s less severe and my nose is less runny.

I’ve been blogging less because Netflix was practically begging me to come back to them by offering another free trial, so I’m like, fine, you can have me just this one time. I’ve been using it to mainly watch the “Breaking Bad” series for the first time. It’s really good so far but nobody reminded me to buy a goddamn stress ball for that show.

I went to the store and bought myself a Betsey Johnson purse that was on sale for $10.


I don’t think I’d buy it for any higher. I’m sure somebody who worked in the store was thinking “Finally! Somebody bought this fugly looking Barbie purse.”

Yesterday, a man who went by the name of Dominador came into my work. That was his real name. I didn’t have the courage to call him by his name without chuckling like a little kid, and he doesn’t really live up to his name either. With a guy named Dominador, you’d expect him to walk in a room wearing a pair of ass chaps and start punching babies or something.

That’s all I have for now.


I’ve always thought it was lame to write an entry only complaining about how sick I am, but considering how it’s already been a goddamn month since it started–ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I’M LETTING YOU GUYS KNOW THAT I’M SICK AND IT SUCKS.


And I know you’re thinking, “who the hell takes a picture of themselves when they’re sick?” Well, I do. I thought I looked crazy–if I’d walk outside in the streets people would take me for a quirky homeless woman. In the big cup, that’s just some water, I only used it for the picture so you guys don’t have to see the sick monstrosity that lies behind it. Typically, I’d use that cup for hot cocoa and chicken noodle soup. Not together at the same time though.

Anyways, where was I going with this again? No idea, this entry was a bit pointless. My apologies. I’m going to take a nap now.

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It’s nuts how the holidays can turn my grumpy mood into a complete 180 because for once, I’m feeling pretty damn jolly right now.

I ended up working on Christmas Eve today but my boss told me I could go home early as soon as I finished my work, and finish I did. After completing the majority of my work, I yelled “PEACE OUT” to the empty office and left as fast as my little Asian feet could carry me. I think the thing that did it for me was how sunny it was still after I got off of work. I’ve always got off of work alone when it got dark and creepy. Not today–Yay! I can leave the office without having too worry about getting mugged today!

As soon as I got home, I made myself a really huge cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows. When I say “huge”, I really mean it. It’s been three hours and I’m still trying to finish it. My stomach feels bloated from it, but I’ve reached to a point where I don’t care what my stomach thinks because it’s that delicious.

Tonight will be the first night I exchange Christmas presents and I feel like a five-year-old again because I can’t wait to open muh presents! I want muh presents! Anyway, with that said, I’d like to wish my fellow bloggers very Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! And happy Holidays!

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