I’ve gotten two friends recently who said something to me in a Facebook message that kind of through me off, only because I haven’t heard of it in a really long time. I don’t know if it’s just me getting old or I’ve lost my manners but is it really necessary to use these two particular phrases that once was commonly used during the age of AOL Instant Messenger?

1. BRB or AFK: If the topic is nothing urgent, “BRB” isn’t really required these days unless you want to be super polite. Usually, when I’m communicating with a friend, whether it’s Gmail Chat or Facebook Messenger, we NEVER keep each other informed on whether we’re going to be away from the keyboard or not. No one gets butthurt–no feels like they’re left hanging because we understand that people have shit to do or a really cute cat video got our attention. We either stop talking and continue with the conversation the next time we’re available or we end it completely.

2. Hi or Hello: Specifically, when you greet someone online and you don’t say anything else until they greet you back…which could take minutes or hours! Assuming that it’s not serious or top-secret, why would someone even do that–ESPECIALLY on Facebook? Facebook Messenger not only acts like a chat messenger but also like an email. You don’t just email someone “Hi” and then hit the send button. You get to the point because they will see your message eventually.

(This was actually written two years ago and I honestly don’t know why I haven’t posted this until now)

I’m starting to become fairly annoyed when I hear females say stuff like “I’m just one of those guys” or “I’m not like most girls”.

I just think we, as women, are giving men too much credit here. Very often, I’ll stumble across a Facebook status or a blog entry pointing out how much of a tomboy they are, or how they’re “like, one of the guys” or that they “never wear any makeup.”

While I’m certain there are straight women out there who really do “think” and “act” like a man, and it’s obviously OK to feel that way, I just don’t think it’s necessary to brag about it as if it was some kind of an accomplishment, when, on the other end, you don’t hear straight men say they prefer wearing skirts, they get along with females more than males, and that they feel like their “one of the girls” because they like going on Pinterest all and watching the Oscars.

I swear, being a girl and acting like one isn’t that bad. In fact, I think it’s awesome really.

This use to be a funny-sounding word until the entire internet started using it for every innocuous and mundane activity. I see it just about everywhere in Facebook statuses, picture captions and Instagram bios. It’s a bummer when a special word gets used so loosely that it has become exceptionally annoying to read and hear.

No. You did not get into shenanigans last night when alls you did was hung out with your friends and laugh hysterically about sharing your favorite episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

No. I won’t follow your Instagram profile because it’s apparently “full of shenanigans” when it only consist of selfies, food, and the occasional airplane window.

Just stahp. Y’all are making me sad.