TiffsBloggy first opened on March 2008. Over the years, it had suffered an identity crisis. First it was a blog full of rants, then it gradually became more personal, next it sort of transitioned to a fashion/picture blog, then I discovered the wonderful world of arts & crafts, and finally, I am getting old and tired.

Ok, so I become a little too passionate about many things, I get it, and since creating separate blogs for each interest/hobby is truly insane (but oh have I done it), I am now trying my best to keep most of them contained in this small, yet totally inconsistent blog.

My layouts also tend to change, a lot, only because I enjoy making them! I typically get my inspirations from my obsession in the horror & slasher genre, blood, science-fiction and incorporate them with my “girly” sense of style. Sadly, I lack in coding prowess so all of the themes were not coded from scratch, but most of them were modified pretty heavily. Each original themes has been linked for credit because hey, I’m a nice gal.


raWr? Level: Tarepanda

Jan 2013-Presentoriginal theme

After having the same layout for over two years, I decided to do something a little different with it but while staying true to its original form. In other words, I guess you can say I changed the “skin” of the layout by replacing it with a tarepanda theme. I love tarepandas and I love the fact that they’re just as lazy as I am.



Nov 2011-Jan 2013 | original theme

As someone who use to change layouts every three months (because I get tired of looking at the same thing), I’m proud to say that I’ve had this layout for over a year and it’s still up. I don’t plan on changing my layout anytime soon…so this just might be TiffsBloggy’s final form. I used this picture to illustrate it.

Holiday Variants:

Christmas 2012


ATTACK of the Cute Tentacles Thingy!

Sept 2011-Nov 2011 | original theme

One of my closest friends, Jules, gave me one of her amazing ceramics pot and it eventually was turned into a theme. I wanted to get a comic book feel so I tried to make it look wacky as possible. The little face was actually traced from the design of my purse. You might recognize it from an anime series called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


A Beautiful Mess

May 2011-Sept 2011 | original theme

All of the little items you see here–the frames and the taxidermy guy–actually came from my own bedroom. As cheesy as this sounds, my own bedroom is usually the muse behind my themes. This theme also wouldn’t have looked the way it is without the help of Keng, who helped me made it look pretty by adding the third column!


Toy Box

May 2011 | original theme

I know, the name of this theme stinks and seems totally half-assed. I titled it Toy Box because first, I didn’t want people to think that it represented actual severed arms and heads of children. I’m not THAT sick, guys. Secondly, Toy Box has the same initials as Tiff’s Bloggy. You see what I did thar?


Massacre Muffins!

May 2011 | original theme

This was basically the second part to my Unicorn Power theme. I was simply in that stage where I wanted to turn every innocent and adorable thing to a horrible, blood-thirsty creature who liked devouring children whole. The theme only survived less than one month though, guess it’s my OCD kicking in.


Unicorn Power! Assassinator of Pwnies

March – April 2011 | original theme

I created the header after seeing a photo of Lady Gaga wearing a pretty rad jean jacket with a silhouette of a unicorn sprayed on to it. Her bare ass was all hanging out too, but I guess that’s not the point. The little ponies getting attacked was from a t-shirt design, most of the credit should definitely be given to that artist.


American Rottage

May 2009 – It’s complicated | original theme

The design was based off of what I wanted my bedroom to generally look like. The portrait of the skull wearing a pink floral hat was from an Ebay item that I really wanted to purchase. I think it cost around $300 but I offered to pay $150. They didn’t accept so I saved the image and used it for the WordPress theme.


Sharingan Power!

April – May 2009 | original theme

The vector was from a project I worked on for Amy Caterina’s graphic arts class. The process was quite simple. I kept on adding layers to my face and messed around the opacity with each of them. The one red eye (Sharingan) is based off from the time I dressed up as a character from an anime, “Naruto” for Comic-Con.


Cabin Disco Fever

January – April 2009 | original theme

The model I used was Raquel Reed. I had gotten the idea of adding antlers to her head from a very well-known couture gown designed by the late Alexander McQueen. This theme probably had one of the best color palettes I’ve used thus far.


Those are Fake Vampire Teef!

November 2008 – January 2009 | original theme

Ah yes. At the time, I was really obsessed with two things: Teeth (or JAAAHWS) and using wood and other natural materials for my layouts–so when I saw this theme I instantly installed it and started working my magic. The self-portrait was traced by these photos.


Not Smoking Grass

August – November 2008 | original theme

Yay, more natural materials! This theme is pretty straightforward. I pretty much added a bunch of random shit that I really enjoyed during the time, such as: Tokidoki bags, Michael Phelps, Domo-kun, myself, Louis Vuitton purses, surviving against zombies, studded heels and apparently broken television.


The Theme of Hipsters

January – August 2008 | original theme

Yeah, that’s right, I’m calling my theme a goddamn hipster because I totally was once one–or trying to be one. My hipster phase resulted in a pretty hip theme. The little random squiggles were inspired by the patterns on my duffel bag I use for travel.


Daft Reed

May – June 2008 | original theme

This is definitely my LEAST favorite theme of the bunch. It’s just lazy. I was trying to imitate a really neat Daft Punk artwork…but it ended up look like a bunch of skinny, dim-lighted glowsticks. Though a year later, I did my 2nd attempt using Robocop and Wall-E and I think the results came out to be much better.



May 2008 | original theme

This theme stems from my love for both Dunny toys and The Shining. I use to collect Dunny toys and when the Redrum edition came out, I went ballistic.  The Shining is one of my favorite classic horror films of all time and to have a Dunny version of Jack Torrance was a magical experience for me.


Party at the Bottom

April – May 2008 | original theme

I was really trying to be all indie and different by applying the main image at the footer, instead of the header–where it usually goes to. But that trend didn’t last very long. So yeah, there’s Domo-kun again and the model I traced was Daisy Lowe.


Decapitated, With Style

March – April 2008 | original theme

This one will always have a special place in my heart because it’s the very first, ever, WordPress theme I’ve used. Honestly, I can’t remember why I made the theme to look the way it is because it’s been so long. At the time, I didn’t know what I would be creating would define the rest of my work today.