Hello, I’m Tiff and I’m all about naps, eating good food, and rollerblading–yes–rollerblading. It’s a wonderful activity and I hope that one day, hipsters will abandon their mopeds and beach cruisers to jump on the rollerblade wagon. To spare you (and myself) from the drudgery of reading what could’ve been horrendous long detailed autobiography about myself, here are some random pictures for you. Everyone loves pictures!

Levitating is what I (sometimes) do.
Inspired by Yowayowa, I try my best to levitate as good as her because levitation will always make for an interesting photo than just standing around. I try.

This is me just hanging out outside of the Palace of Versailles. There’s more where that came from.


I like dressing up as things.
I started cosplaying three years ago and since the hobby can be quite expensive for me, I work on them at an incredibly sloooOOOooow rate depending on my budget.

My first costume that I made was Frost from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Here’s a photo of me with Aziz Ansari. He was a good sport when I giving him a good chokehold.

lbcc7 Me and Thomas Jane. This is my second costume, dressed up as Nico Minoru from The Runaways.


This is where I usually update my blogs from.
My bedroom!


I sometimes work as a background extra or a seat filler.
I just want to have my face pop out randomly in the background on TV and movies, that’s all I ever ask for.

 This was taken right after Robert Pattinson made out with Taylor at the MTV Movie Awards ’11

Katy Perry’s “Hot n Cold” music video. I am the Asian cutie on the left!


This is my boyfriend.
His name is Matt and I usually don’t talk a lot about him on here because I respect his privacy, and you know, the thought of advertising how “awesome” and in love we are is not really my cup of tea…but we are awesome and totally in love!